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you brighten my day, little man!

11 Sep

If there was a person on this planet who could brighten even the crappiest of days, it would be this little man. EVEN a picture of him could have the same effect. Whether it be this one…

these ones..

His expression is PRICELESS!!

messy is definitely the way to go!!


Born to love Jesus!!

heck, or even this one…

how could you resist that lip?!?

He is THE greatest ¬†joy of my life (besides Jesus, of course!), and he isn’t even my child!! But i sure am one thankful aunty to my beloved, Jericho Fury! The quirkiest, sweetest, oddest, cutest, smartest, adventurous, and most amazing little man i’ve ever known! I love him so much!

It’s weird to think it’s been almost two years since i found out Heather was pregnant with him!!