Bucket List

1. Be like Paul and learn to be content in whatever state i’m in  (Phil. 4:11)

2. Get married

3. Have kids

4. Solve an unsolved mystery

5. Go to Antarctica

6. Ride on the killer whale Seaworld airplane

7. Live in the South/East Coast for at least a year (preferably Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, or North Carolina) and pick up an accent.

8. Finish college.

9. Spend time at a kibbutz in Israel

10. Meet Jason Wade and thank him for his music and lyrics.

11. Watch sea turtles hatch

12. Take a shower in a waterfall (bathing suit necessary) – I halfway completed this one in Joplin, I got to go under a waterfall! Didn’t have no shampoo on me though…dag nabbit!

13. Go back to Joplin, MO.

14. Own something by Diane Von Furstenberg and Christian Louboutin.

15. Go on an adventure with no set plans and no set date of return. Hopefully before I am old and have a motorhome.

What’s on YOUR bucket list?


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