One Day Left…

24 Dec

The last couple years, I have become more and more Scrooge like.

It’s not that I don’t like Christmas, but rather the pressure it is to be busy all of December long with family festivities – and with 75% of my family living a thousand miles away, I feel inadequate to have none of those traditions. Also, having parents split up makes it hard, too. In order to be with one parent, I have to not be with the other. And with my dad, too, living a thousand miles away – he is usually the one to go without seeing… 😦

So many of my friends whine about having to go to yet another family thing…why do they not realize how blessed they are? If I could afford a plane ticket to be with my family during Christmastime – I would be there in a heart beat. One of my most favorite Christmas’ to date is still the one of 2003 when my dad flew us down and we got to spend a good couple days with my grandma, dad, aunts, uncles, cousins, and other family friends.

I have learned to not take those times with family for granted.


Tonight I was with some friends watching…Friends, and as I am sure almost everyone does, I was picturing my friends and I as the six characters so many of us have grown to love.

I’m always Rachel, of course 😉

Anyway, it occurred to me that so often those six friends got together and had their own traditions. Especially Thanksgivings (which are alwaaaaaays my favorite episodes!) And I realized that while I am whining about not having my extended family around to be with during this time, I am still blessed and need to be thankful for what I do have.

So, Merry Christmas from (some) of the Regs!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow will be full of shopping.


Because face it, I am a procrastinator. A big one.

And of course, I cannot forget to remember the REAL reason I celebrate Christmas.

As Relient K states,

“I celebrate the day, that You were born to die, that I may one day pray for You to save my life.”

And even if He was really born in April or whenever, I will still choose to celebrate this day. And I will do so with the utmost childlike faith by singing “Happy Birthday” to Him with my church family ❤


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