Over and Over Again.

2 Dec

It’s a lesson I’ve had to learn over and over again.

No matter how many notifications I get on Facebook throughout the day or text messages and calls from friends – it does NOT fulfill me. It can’t.

It can’t have the lasting fulfillment that only Christ can give.

The only fulfillment I know I need, but resist so often.

Why is it so hard to see how wonderful I life I have in real life. Not over the phone or computer, but really face to face life.

Why do I feel the need to review my Facebook to see how friends, new and old, perceive me?

Am i the only one who does that?

I mean I do want to make sure no overly horrible pictures are on my Facebook…or ones that could potentially defile someone who has different convictions than I. But I do want to make sure my pictures make me seem…popular.

How dumb.

The tagged pictures on one’s Facebook can say a lot about the person though

And why is it when I do see old friends…or meet a friend I met first on Facebook (non-creeper way)…it’s awkward?

And why is it that I often have nothing to talk about without the person already knowing about it because I post about it on Facebook?

No matter how many awesome pictures I am tagged in…or the extent of “likes” and comments on my random and dumb status updates. I am still not fulfilled.

And when I’m in a real life conversation with someone, it’s not as in-depth because of Facebook.

Even when I log in to 50 notifications, I still want more.

And so I spend time thinking of funny things to share or pictures to post.

More time than I do spend on the Lord.

This blog is probably really hard to follow, my apologies.

Anyway, what I am getting at…is that Facebook can be a blessing. Especially with my dad and family living so far away.

And I am also able to encourage folks with Bible verses and lyrics, too…

But the vanity and idolatry of it all, is not good.

It’s a bittersweet dealio.

I want to delete it, but I want to stay in contact with my family. But then I think that there are plenty of other ways to stay in contact and I’m just using that excuse as just that, an excuse, to stay on Facebook. And I know I will regret deleting it when 5 years down the road I want to read the old blogs I wrote on my Facebook two years prior….I still regret doing that with my Myspace. Dag nabbit.

But yeah, maybe it’s something in which we call self-discipline that I need to practice.

Yeah, that’s probably it…I’m not a very self-disciplined person. But you gotta start with the small things to be disciplined in the big things 🙂




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