Looking Up.

28 Nov

You know those weekends where each day is completely full to the brim? When you are actually home, it’s only for sleeping?  (If you actually get there…)

Well, that would be my weekend. This long 4 day weekend was completely full and I loved each moment of it.

It was so full and amazing that I have a hard time believing it was only 4 days long.

Wednesday was the last day of work before Thanksgiving. Once that was done I headed to church for the normal Wednesday service. Once Shane ended the night with “Amen”, the boys gathered their nerf guns and the girls gathered their sheets. It was bound to be an epic night.

The guys were in the lower building for an epically awesome Nerf gun war. You should have seen some of their guns, bigger than my 2 year-old nephew. Though I wish I could have participated…the girls had their own agenda in the Upper Room.

Karaoke and a blanket fort.

Yes, it doesn’t seem as epic as the boys adventure, but once you watch THIS video

You will understand. And the girls did a fairly good job with it.

It may look like a giant sheet fort, but inside are tunnels and lots of Christmas lights.

We spent the first part of the night singing our hearts out to Celine Dion, Justin Bieber, Simba, and Cyndi Lauper.

And then we all gathered in the fort for stupid, silly songs and games that we haven’t played or sung in years and years.

And even though me typing out doesn’t make it seem as fun as the boys event, it was probably one of my most favorite times as a youth leader to those girls. Of course singing “My Heart Will Go On” with my roomie Katheryn would make any night awesome.

The girls lacked attitudes or the standoffishness that can often come with these events, they were ready for fun and fulfillment. And we got it. I am so thankful for this event.

The girl event got over at midnight and then a group of us decided to go to the Chris’s house and watch a movie. AKA put a movie on a fall asleep.

I woke up bright and early in the morning to head to a school footfield to watch a bunch of guys in the annual Turkey Bowl with Katheryn. I got to watch my teething nephew who just wanted to pretend drive a car. With his dad. Who wanted to play football. It was a good thing Jericho got what he wanted because Jaden is still hurt from the last football game on Halloween.

Once that was over I went to my sisters house for Thanksgiving. I took a small nap (woke up right before my sister was walking over to me with a poopy diaper.) And then got started on the potatoes. Sweet and red. My two favorites!

It was only a small gathering – my momma, Jaden, Heather, Jericho, Jude, Sarah, and me…but it was perfect. And we got lots of cracky time with the sisters. 😉 (cracky is not a bad inuendo…it’s a sister thing.)

I left around 8 to head back home to get ready for some black Friday shopping. I got picked up in a stuffed car at 11 pm and headed to an outlet mall nearby. This outlet mall is very well known for drawing people down from Canada – aka: it was packed. But we were still able to maneuver by having speed walk competitions. Yes, we were that group. But it was fun and only one guy got pushed over. And maybe a near miss with a guy and a full cup of coffee. 🙂

After that mall, we went to Best Buy, where Chris (not Christopher, mind you) was picking up the awesome TV he smartly bought online as to avoid the lines.

By that time, it was 330-4 and we were hungry, so we stopped by our favorite diner, Don’s. Which is really a grungy truck stop-esque diner. But the food is decent and the service is great. And they’re open 24 hours. 🙂

Speaking of which, I still have half my sandwich in my fridge. Sweet!

Despite the 4 cups of watered-down coffee i consumed and the nap Ben tried taking on the floor, we headed to another mall about 30 minutes away to go to Urban Outfitters.

I had the privilege of my own back seat with the Chris’s where our exhaustiveness played out in our conversations with each other.

We left that mall around 5:30 and I got dropped off at home. It was an epic night for sure.

The next day I did some chores. We all decided the night before that Saturday was going to be a lazy day, so I went back to the guys house and we got ready for our Turkey feast on Sunday. And also went to Target.

Okay, so it wasn’t that lazy.

We ate and watched movies. And played some video games on the new tv.

There’s the laziness. 🙂

The next day, it was Saturday.

I did some packing (going to be living with my older sis for a bit while things with my dad get figured out) and then headed, once more, to the Chris’s to pick everyone up to head over to the Bavarian town of Leavenworth for a birthday excursion for my good friend, Justine!

It was my first time driving on the pass. The second time I’ve taken my own car out in the snow. I could care less about the snow – it was driving off the mountain that I was scared of. And it being dark only scared me more. But by the time I thought it could only get worse – it got better. Praying in my head worked great, too.

We got to Leavenworth around 730 and walked around the town to window shop. Many of the shoppes were already closing, but there were still some cool ones we roamed around. We headed to a sledding hill and tried sledding down with the few scraps of broken sleds we could find. I have a nice bruise on my rear, but it was worth it!

We ate bratwursts and kielbasa at a restaurant and then headed back home. Making sure to stop at the pass for some real snow fun.

Have you ever jumped off a side of a mountain into a nice, soft, pile of snow?

It’s one of the coolest things EVER.

And while I didn’t quite do that…jumping off a hill is almost as cool. Especially when you get lodged in the snow all the way to your waist. And maybe having to get pulled out because your foot is stuck.

There’s nothing quite like feet of snow to play in. Not inches, feet.

We got home around 1 AM and a dead-tired me went straight to bed only to wake up early for church. Church was awesome, we are in James, my favorite book. It was also communion, too. I am so thankful for my pastors and the rest of the church family, I am very, very blessed.

I worked in the espresso bar during the gap betweeen 1st and 2nd service and then headed to Safeway to get more stuff for the Turkey feast.

Now, way back in October, when I went camping with my friends…we decided to do our own Thanksgiving with our friends. Turkey and all.

And this Sunday (well, last..) was that day. Being obsessed with sweet potatoes, that was my dish. I was going to do one I found on The Pioneer Woman’s site, but I found a better recipe that included cranberries. We had an extra bag, so it was perfect! I also helped out with the stuffing and gravy. I am very, very, very, very impressed with how everything turned out. Everything was perfect. Everything except the rolls were homemade from scratch. The turkey was moist. The stuffing was great. The mashed potatoes were perfect. And the Martinelli’s was plentiful!

…sorry about the blurriness, some day I will have an actual camera instead of a camera phone…

I was very impressed with how natural being in the kitchen was for me…I am definitely growing up.

We all then gathered around the TV to watch Elf. I was about to fall asleep until a nerf gun pelted me.


It was right around then that I got the only bad news of the weekend, but I will wait to elaborate.

This last weekend was full. It was fellowship at its finest. It was full of teamwork and love. It was amazing. It was perfect.

I’m very thankful for this weekend and for the people the Lord has brought into my life in just the 6 years I’ve known my Jesus. ❤



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