Pretty Girl…

11 Nov

I once wrote a blog about the ear piercing song “Pretty Girl” by Sugarcult. That song gives me the creeps. Okay, I tried to find that blog, but apparently it may only be a draft (which I have dozens of, btw.)

Anyway, that song by Sugarcult gives me the creeps. It takes me back to the days of my intense and naive naivety when I was 16-18. The manipulative thoughts some tried to put in my mind. All I can say is, thank Jesus for Jesus. 🙂

It’s actually not all that relevant to bring up the song above to introduce the new “Pretty Girl…” songs. It’s just that I  realized that I can now totally redeem any song with “Pretty Girl” in the title because of a string of other awesome songs by an awesome band I have started listening to. The Avett Brothers.

For a couple years now, it has been suuuuuuper hard for me to listen to secular music. I just don’t like all the innuendo and harsh words that most music runs off of these days. But I have come across a few bands who are tolerable – if not very enjoyable. Many have Christian music ties (i.e. The Civil Wars with Joy Williams!) The Avett Brothers do have some swearing…and I am sure that if I spend time analyzing their lyrics, there’s probably some innuendo…but all in all, the music is fun and awesome. My favorite thing about their music is all the “Pretty Girl…” songs. For example “Pretty Girl from Chile”, “Pretty Girl from San Diego”, “Pretty Girl from Locust”. The list goes on.

Reading the lyrics makes me want to know if the writer had a fling with girls from those cities or just randomly saw them at a random place, like at the airport. It makes me want to know more, to really take time to understand what is being written. I like when musicians are able to do that.

So anyway, if you haven’t…you should listen to The Avett Brothers. Their music is chill but catchy. It’s the kind of music I can listen to in all seasons, it’s not just Summer or Fall music.

Have a blessed weekend!!! The sunshine streak has ended and we have some stormy weather here in the PNW now… 🙂


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