Second Chances…

27 Oct

Do you ever grow through times when your past comes to haunt you?

You know you’re forgiven, but the disappointment that you know your past will bring to the future is stumbling and depressing.

That’s the funk I am in…

Mainly because I caught myself almost making some of the same old mistakes, but how many times will i have to learn.

I’m thankful for His grace and mercy, how sweet it is. But I know the times I let my heart go into the hands of someone else will prove problematic.

If God can forgive us for our mistakes, can’t other people?

Is it really hard to believe that we all far short of His glory and mess up? We’re all guilty, all of us. Equally. Even if you commit five sins and I commit six, we’re still sinners together.

….do you know where this is leading?

Because I am going there…

to the topic of my future husband.


The scars of my past relationships make me afraid to tell that wonderful man, whoever he is, how fall I’ve fallen short of the Lord’s glory. But…I know that if it’s the Lord will, that man will have the mercy and grace to forgive me as I am forgiven in Jesus’ eyes.

All the boys I’ve lent my heart to…

All the times I have been uberly prideful…

All the moment such despicable sins bring me far from His glory…

That guy will forgive.

But I just wish I hadn’t done all those things…

I wish I could be the most perfect woman for him, because I know he’ll deserve it.

But I guess my shortcomings is what will spice up life and make me that perfect woman for him…

And I guess I must remember he is far from the glory of Jesus, too…

And he has made mistakes…

So if I want to be forgiven, I need to forgive, too.

Second Chances – NEEDTOBREATHE

All my past is color
Placed inside my hands
Empty is the canvas
Patiently I plan
Stars are bright above me
That’s not where I am
Greens will be behind me
Blues will make the man

I can’t help but fear I’ve done this wrong
Cause seldom second chances come along

Greys are all around me
Fading into black
Stars were bright above me
Won’t you bring them back

I can’t help but fear I’ve done this wrong
Cause seldom second chances come along
If time can break us, will it make us strong
Cause seldom second chances come along


One Response to “Second Chances…”

  1. Funmilayo I. 2011 October 29 at 4:45 pm #

    i really like this post ….

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