Weekend Memories.

10 Oct

I didn’t go camping this past Summer. The one week where I did spend time in the great outdoors, I was comfortable and dry in a friends camping trailer.

So, last weekend, when some of the guys suggested camping last Friday night, I was slightly weary of going…but decided to embark on the random adventure.

Friday evening the Chris’s, Katheryn, Kaity, Orion, and I packed up our cars and backpacks and headed up the Mountain Loop Highway for a night at Lake Kelcema after a nutritious dinner of…McDonald’s. We hiked 1/2 mile to the lake in the dark and made camp.

Camp = 2 tents (Katheryn and I in one, Kaity and Orion in the other) and visqueen+rope (the Chris’s)

After getting situated and finding our potty places, we squeezed into the bigger tent and played a lovely game of Quelf. Have you played Quelf? It’s an amazingly random game, my favorite type!

We went to bed early (10:38) to wake up at sunrise for some fishing. It took a while for everyone to calm down…but in the blink of an eye it was dead quiet.

Until Kaity yelled, “Get outta here!”

…and then my mind started racing.

Katheryn has beef jerkey. There’s some food outside…and we are in the middle of the Cascades.

We are vulnerable to bears.

I started coming up with all these horrific things in my mind…bears tearing through the tent to get Katheryn’s jerkey, bears dragging the boys from their makeshift tent, waking up to a bloody mess.

And then I fell asleep.

It wasn’t the best sleep, but it was enough for me to dream about a dirty bomb threat in America. And I had to stop it some how.

The next thing I knew, I woke up to the Chris’s witty banter and saying they’re going to go fishing.

Katheryn and I got up and discovered a nice frosty layer outside and blue sky! GLORIOUS!

It was cold but beautiful.

Once everyone was up we headed to a rock to see the Lord’s beautiful creation.

We went back to camp and then decided to make our way around the lake. The trail went around on both sides, but right in between the two was an off trail rock pit. Katheryn, the Chris’s, and I went all the way around. We crossed over waterfalls and unsteady ground, climbed over tree’s and hung on branches for dear life. I am usually one to be the “leader” of the pack when it comes to hiking, but I was off my groove (probably the big galoshes I was wearing) and fell. A lot. One of the first falls was the worst, about 1/3 of the way through the trail. My shin fell on a root and I did not want to see the damage. All i knew is that it hurt and my some of my shin was numb. Blood did not seep through my pants, so I was good there.

The battle wound wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been, but two days later and some of my shin is still numb. It’s gonna be an epic bruise. My left leg is full of wounds. It’s my trophy case 😉

When we got back, we tried to set a fire…but everything was still too wet and we were ill-prepared with wood to use. So we packed up camp, went to the grocery store, and went to the guys house for a brunch.

French toast, pancakes, bacon, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, coffee. Yum. We then gathered around the tv and watched Troll Hunters.

Once the movie was over, I was ready to go home to spend time with my dog. I got my blanket and pillow, propped my leg up, and watched a sappy movie. It was a good, lazy…yet active, Saturday.

The next morning I got up early to do espresso for first service church. On my way there I got a text from a friend asking to pick up milk. I stopped by a Chevron thinking they would have milk…I thought wrong. I had to resort to going to a grocery store where they strategically place milk in the far back. Double fisting the milk while also holding my wallet is no easy task, thankfully my years as a barista, I knew I could do it and just ignored the store lady who told me it was “too heavy” for me. Pshhhh…Safeway once again has self-checkout, albeit it being in a different format than all the others, so it took me a while to realize the cash deposit was on the bottom of the machine and not to the right. I felt like an dummy. And then I saw a sign that said, “Video recording in process.” Greeaaaaaat. A video that shows me mumble “stupid, stupid machine…” under my breath.

First service espresso usually is not busy. Of course once I got to church, twenty minutes late, there was a long line of people who clapped once I came in 🙂 The Seahawks had an early game, so everyone decided to go to first service. Of course!

Gretchen and I got done with cleaning and everything once worship was done and walked into the sanctuary to find a seat, only to realize it was packed. Again, the Seahawks.

I got to hang out with Gretchen and some of the other youth groupers until church was over. At eleven I headed to the Upperroom for youth group. We are in the process of covering all the red letters (aka all the words Jesus said) in the gospel of John. The story of the adulterous woman in chapter 8 stood out to me, most especially 8:11. Still processing how I can apply it.

Once church was done, I headed home and made food and then took a lovely 2 hours nap. It was sunny once I woke up and decided to take my doggy for a walk on the wonderful Fall day.

With the craziness of everything, it’s been over a month since I took her for a walk…she really needed it.

I picked Nicole up and headed back to the guys house to watch P.S. I Love You and have a night of fellowship with “the regs” I made sweet potato fries, firefighter Chris made baked broccoli, and the other Chris and Nicole made rye bread. Odd combo, but delicious. 🙂

It was still a busy weekend, but mixed with a lot of much needed laziness. It was the perfect weekend, though I could have done more cleaning. And more Jesus time…but it was still good. 🙂

Here’s pictures I took on my phone to summarize everything!



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