Heart Changer.

5 Oct

Six years ago, I was introduced to Ray Comfort via his Way of the Master series co-starring Kirk Cameron. Through the series, I realized the goodness of Christ and how my lack of goodness proved my need for Him and His salvation. It equipped me to evangelize to my friends who weren’t saved (and guys trying to pursue me!)

I also loved Ray’s accent and his ministry. Whenever I have a question about Jesus, other religions, or the Bible…I almost always resorted to his site for further research after consulting the Bible.

A few weeks ago, Ray posted on Facebook for everyone to watch a new movie. It’s called “180”. I had NO idea what it was about, but when I had the time to watch it, I was shocked. In a good way. I highly suggest you watch it. It’s not for the faint in heart or children. There are many images that are hard to look at and fathom what hatred brought them to such a horrible death. But nonetheless, Ray does an amazing job of making “open-minded” people well, open-minded.

So, my friends, here is the video. It’s about 33 minutes long, but is so intriguing, it goes by fast.

I am not putting this video on here to make anyone feel condemned, there’s freedom and forgiveness in Christ. It’s your choice if you choose to be in bondage of sin or a bond-servant of Christ.

So, here ya go!


One Response to “Heart Changer.”

  1. Funmilayo I. 2011 October 29 at 5:04 pm #

    This video is amazing, never thought about it like that

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