Random Thoughts of Nothing Useful

30 Sep

Back in the good ol’ Myspace days, I used to post a lot of bulletins of the random thoughts that were birthed from my mind. I wish I never deleted my Myspace so I could still read what my 16-21 year old self used to think, but I know one thing for sure, it would be super embarrassing. Reading my old journals is torture enough.

Anyway… (Beginning on 9/15/2011)

Today is a random day of thoughts flowing through my mind. Little blurbs I could make into a Facebook status, but that would probably mean I would change my status 50 times today and that would be overwhelming for some friends on fb and they’d probably block me.

Today these thoughts came from my mind:

1. Am I the only one who could take a full 8 hour work shift to drink ONE 16 oz coffee drink? Seriously now?!?! I have already had my iced tall coffee for 4 hours and I’m barely half way done! I don’t mind the wateryness, i actually like it because my drinks are usually too sweet and rich. The only annoying part is that in one day last month I broke BOTH of my original iced-to-go cups from Starbucks (original as in the first ones that came to fruition at Starbucks).

One of them broke when it was behind my seat in my car and I backed it up only to hear, “CRAAAAAAAAACK!” Technically I could still use it as the outside has a crack…but it just isn’t the same. The other one fell out of my backpack as I was cleaning out my car and fell under one of my tires. I remember thinking, “If I don’t get that now, I’m not going to remember to remove it when I leave next.” Well, wouldn’t you know it, I chose not to pick it up and when I left my house, a HUGE explosion erupted and I got out to see the shards of plastic from my beloved iced-to-go cup 😦 Sad day.

So now I get to wipe off the condensation from my desk once or twice and hour whenever I take 8 hours to drink one drink.

2. It is awfully nice to leave each morning to work to my sweet, cute, goofy, amazing nephew saying, “See ya!” and to hear him say my name with anticipation when he remembers I am staying at their house for the next couple weeks. How was life enjoyable before him????

3. My sister gave birth 8 hours after I left her house to go to Joplin…I was super bummed, but my sister and b.i.l. met their quota and sent me pictures every day of sweet Jude. She had another amazing birth – this time at home – in an inflatable birth pool. She says he is more vocal than Jericho, but every time I hold Jude the dude, he is a sweet, sleepy, cute, peachy baby. Btw…does anyone else think newborn heads feel like a peach? Because they do…

He looks a lot like Jericho, but a lot like Jaden…and I see Heather in him, too. I’m interested to see what he looks in a couple months 🙂 When his “pizza face” clears up 😉

3. I just read an article on ABC about Pat Robertson saying divorce is okay if your spouse has Alzheimer’s. I’m sorry, but people shouldn’t be looking up to a sinful human being for such advice, case in point with this man. I always thought he was the goofy and sweet old man with big ears from the 700 Club, but this really makes me mad and I hope he was misquoted. The Bible is the the Bible, there is no gray area…it’s black or white, and the Bible is clear on its reason for divorce. Alzheimer’s is not it. Through sickness and health, till death do you part is the vow you make to your spouse when you marry them…so keep it!

Continuing on (9/30/2011)

4. It is comforting to have so many men in my life who think of me as a “little sister”. Men who stick up for me, protect me, and respect me. Men who set good examples (mostly) of what I should be looking for in a husband. I value each man in my life who protects me from creepy guys to telling me I look beautiful. I just can’t wait to meet the man  I will walk down the aisle to someday and see how he fits in with them all. I got a whole list of guys that need to approve of that one man…I feel kinda bad for him, bahahaha

5. As I have probably mentioned a couple times, one of the greatest things about my Joplin mission trip was the fellowship. How blessed I feel to still be in fellowship on a regular basis with a majority of the group, the trip has revived the fellowship in my life. Doing things I haven’t done in a while, such as staying out past midnight on a work night. I got 3 hours of sleep last night and was seriously contemplating pulling an overnighter.

What was I doing, you wonder?

Well, after an awesome concert put on by Aaron Gillespie, The City Harmonic, and a couple other groups at my church, it took a couple hours to clean. One of our friends, Ben, is heading back to Joplin tonight for the next couple months so we wanted to enjoy this Thursday night at the Chris’s house, as we usually do. Once we got there, it was already midnight and it took us a good hour to decide on a movie. Starting some and then ending them…and then someone put on a ridiculous movie my parents used to watch, The Thing, and by the time that was over, it was 3:30 am. And we were contemplating going to Henry’s Doughnuts to get fresh doughnuts. The latter even did not happen (sadly), but I got home in time to get enough sleep to wake up on the right side of the bed and start the day.

As I said, we did nothing special…but it was the fellowship with one another that was important. How valuable that is to me!

6. Have you heard of The City Harmonic? Well if you haven’t, you better…they’re pretty darn awesome. They have the passion and energy on stage for their music as my favorite band, Lifehouse, does. 🙂 And they love Jesus. Their music is artsy, I guess you could say…but they don’t let their image get in the way of their relationship with Jesus. And it shows in their lyrics.

7. I think Fall is getting confused with Summer. Yesterday we had a rare 80 degree day for this time of the year…I welcome any 80 degree day, but not as much when I am wearing jeans and a long shirt! I like to embrace the nice days and I was bummed I couldn’t do it yesterday. The day started out at 36 degrees. Well, at least it’s raining now…I guess. Bah.

8. I had the best drive to work today. Well, it actually started with beautiful sunshine peaking up over the corn and into my living room. And then the clouds kinda covered up the sun, but in a way where the sun was still shining bright. It was like those ridiculous glasses with the slits in them that Kanye West made popular. So as I was driving on the 5 and the 2, I had a beautiful view and beautiful music by The Ember Days playing. It was just beautiful. And then as I parked my car at work, I saw the most beautiful child waving to me. My sweet, sweet nephew, Jericho.

I had fun with him today, but what I had the most fun doing was having him watch shows that I grew up on because my dad grew up on them, too. The Little Rascals and The Three Stooges. He wasn’t that into them, He much preferred the Veggie Tales take on Jonah…but it got me excited to show him and my hopeful own children someday those shows. Forget all the shows of today, shows from back then are worlds better!

9. I can’t wait to sleep.

10. I’ve mastered (in my opinion), pork chops. My Jaden’s mom taught me a year ago…and I’ve done them a couple more times, but as suggested by The Pioneer Woman, I got the thin cut. Man, they were glorious. They were tender, crispy on the outside, flavorful, and wonderful. I think I could eat them every day. Well, probably not. I like me a steak, too. Nice and juicy with pink on the inside. Yum. Must learn how to cook steak.

11. It saddens me that so many people settle for mediocre (or horrible and deceptive) in place of loyal and pure. I don’t know what mind frame some people have to reason leaving a hopeful life for a hopeless one. To take disrespect and dishonesty for love, respect, and truth. I can think of multiple situations right now, and wish people would stop settling for horrible and realize that they deserve the best. God has the best in mind for us, He knows us better than we do…He knows. But He will thankfully work everything out for good to those who love Him. But seriously, God has such a wonderful plan for us. And to surround ourselves constantly with people who don’t encourage His lordship in our lives, only tears us away from His blessings. The close friends in our lives should help bring us closer to Him, not further away. After watching one of my two best friends surround herself with a bounty of unbelievers in a time of weakness, the truth of “Bad company corrupts good character” 1 Corinthians 15:33,  has once again proved itself true. Christian stuck in the corruption don’t realize they’ve been corrupted. Please pray this long time companion of mine, she needs Jesus, again.

12. It’s a Friday and I am running off of 3 hours of sleep. Do I go sleep or hang out with friends? Tough decision. Probably the latter 😉 Or not…


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