And Now…Rest.

13 Sep

If there was one word to describe my time in Joplin, it would be: Refresh

Sorting 10000+ packs of diapers, raking and cleaning 3 lots meticulously, washing hundreds of dishes, organizing, and more sorting, did nothing to damper the renewal I experienced while in Joplin. If anything, those tasks only intensified the refreshment of my soul.

The first four years of my life after graduation involved at least one extended time of fellowship each year…which was Creation Fest. Sadly, after 2009, Creation Fest moved away from the Gorge and the festival lost some of its appeal. And the usual group was busy with work, school, church, and family life.

I didn’t realize just how important that time spent at Creation Fest was…

It wasn’t about the shenanigans.

It wasn’t about the concerts of some of my favorite artists.

It wasn’t about what new clothing I could get from Soul Dog.

It wasn’t about the warm temperatures.

It wasn’t about the BEAUTIFUL scenery.

It wasn’t about Superior Beach.

It wasn’t about any love story that may have come accumulated.

It wasn’t until I got to Joplin that I realized why I enjoyed Creation Fest so much…

It was about the fellowship with people.

A time when I could get away from the routine week of work and church and be surrounded with friends my age who love the Lord and can delight in Him through various means.

That’s what I valued most about this Joplin trip, the fellowship.

The roadtrips, dancing, laughing, worshiping, sharing, eating, serving, helping, praying, learning, crying, etc.


It was a delightful break in this life of mine. This time of life when Heather and I are the only ones in my immediate family not going through some sort crisis, which pretty much does put us through a trial because our loved ones are. Slightly frustrating.

But alas, I have come to realize that I still have so much to be thankful for. And all the moments to, fro, and in Joplin when tears would escape my eyes because I was laughing so hard…and when I had to force myself to walk away because I could NOT keep a straight face during a serious converstaion/interview…made me realize how good I still have it.

And when I was thinking about all the craziness in my life right now, I realized I had once again been delivered by my Jesus out of a very long trial.

He is my ultimate deliverer.

That is the promise He gave me 2 years ago, and now I am reaping His deliverance and peace once again. He is faithful.

His peace is taking over my life again…and as much as I love it, there are moments when I find myself trying to fight it. I am so used to having a trial in my life, that when one is not present…it feels wrong. But that feeling is what is wrong, because He has given me this time to delight in Him. And THAT is what I will cling to.

While in Joplin, Shane had us read 3 Pslams a day (1 if you read 119) and choose a verse (or two) as a commitment to the Lord. I was SUPER excited as I had spent quite a bit of time in Psalms 2 years ago when the aforementioned trial first hit. My soul longed for the Psalms at that time, it was a sweet time of my life and I came across quite a few amazing verses that brought me peace that surpasses all understanding….and I was interested to see what would stick out to me this time around.

Many of the same verses had new meanings to me than they did 2 years ago. No longer was I crying out to the Lord, wondering if He heard me (because I know He does)…but the verses that spoke out to me this time around were about following the way in which He is leading. They were about correction. Humility. Surrendering to the Lord. Remembering His deliverance.

And that is where my ultimate commitment for this time comes in.

The last two times I have found myself in this peace of His, it has ended with a failed relationship and a new grueling trial comes along. I’m not going to take a vow not to date, but rather, I’m going to prayerfully consider everything even more than I have in the past. And give it more time than a week of giddy hormones taking control. I don’t even know if He has a guy in the works, but it’s better to be prepared now than later. I want and need this peace to last as long as possible. It’s something I’ve waited to come my way for so long…and have realized that there was nothing I could have done to get here but wait on Him. Two years of  waiting for this peace to come back into my life, and I am going to enjoy it to its full. I feel like there was a Bible verse (maybe a Psalm) that was about this…but I cannot think of it. Dag nabbit…i don’t like when that happens!

But anyway, I do just want to take this time to thank each and every family member and friend who helped support and send me to Joplin. I am so blessed and thankful. To go from $30 of change as my start…to accomplish and succeed way past my goal was awesome, and I was able to donate the leftover money to those who need it. So, thank you, thank you, thank you. This was a trip of a lifetime! (I will post some pictures soon…for now, here’s one that I stole from Abigail 😉 )




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