Waiting for Solitude.

25 Aug

*Ya know*, I must admit, I am thoroughly impressed by how insanely busy the last 6 months have been.

Between weddings (and the events that come with), mission trips, youth retreats, baby showers, moving, family, church, birthdays…my time is spent in catching up on all things before the next even hits, with not more than a week or two in between for a nice little break. Somehow, like the Energizer bunny rabbit, I keep going, and going, and going, and going…

But I am beginning to realize NOW how much I am looking forward to Fall – NOT  because of the weather and changing of the seasons, mind you. I am looking forward to a time where a good three or four weeks may go by with no special commitments outside of good fellowship with friends. A time when I can relax as much as possible while still working 40 hours a week. *Hopefully*, if all goes as planned, there will be a move that will greatly reduce my commute to work. As in making it pretty much nothing since the house my friends and I are eyeing is one right across the street 🙂 It’s also not even a block from Nigel and Justine’s place…and close to Dan and Jamie’s…and Dana and Bree’s (+1) 🙂 How fun would THAT be?

There is going to be a lot of change happening soon.

My sister is due to give birth on September 7, i personally think she’ll be early – hoping for it to happen on August 28! Actually, anytime between now and August 31 will be just wonderful! 🙂 I am personally hoping for August 24 though…

And then there’s the fact that my mama will be moving out of my childhood home soon. It’s been foreclosed 😦 But that is actually a blessing in disguise as the house is right on the banks of a river that likesf to flood a couple times a year, and with all the damage over the years – it’s not safe anymore. A single lady living in a house within the flood plains is not very practical. I’m excited to see what the Lord has in store for her 🙂

…and then there’s other stuff that I would rather forget about, praying hard for the Lord’s redemption. Afraid of what may come out of it…and dealing with great disappointment until then. But hopeful the Lord’s love, grace, and mercy will bring forth a great miracle. It’s possible, with Him anything is possible.

And then…in less than 2 weeks, I will be in Joplin. The Lord abundantly provided for me for this trip and has already blessed me so much by the times of hanging out with the group. This last weekend we had a car wash/garage sale/bake sale to raise money for those who are going. Between the midnight sign-making night, prepping and cleaning for the fundraiser, and times of fellowship during the fundraiser, I know that this group works well together and has fun while doing so. I am so ready for this trip. So, so, so ready. Okay, I still have some things I need to do…but mentally, emotionally, and Spiritually – i am ready!

I’m excited for the plane ride. For the 2 hour trip down from Kansas City. For not knowing what exactly we will be doing – knowing it could be a variety of things (and laughing because I know how much Shane and Nicole despise not knowing! 🙂 ) I am excited to be “chaperoned” and not a “chaperon” this trip. I am excited to share the love of the Lord with those who need it. I am excited to feel blessed for working hard. I am excited to be cranky, hot, and sweaty – and to learn how to still glorify the Lord regardless. I am excited to be with some of my “marinara” girls 🙂 Excited to be with some awesome people. I am excited to come back to my family, knowing the baby HAS GOT to be there by the time I get back!

Life IS exciting right now.

But I am excited for the days of solitude. The weekends of solitude. And sleeping in. 🙂

I am also excited to develop a disposable camera I’ve been using since the 4th of July. I took a picture or two of many different, random events of this Summer. I can’t even remember what most of them are of…I think I may get them developed in print and on a cd so I can share the memories with you all 🙂

…and here are some 🙂




Please excuse my face (at least you can barely see it...)

I love her ❤


…As you can tell, I’m so new age I forget when I need an actual flash…and my finger is CONSTANTLY in the way. Oh, well.. 🙂


One Response to “Waiting for Solitude.”

  1. birdinhandphoto 2011 August 28 at 5:17 am #

    What great memories, and I definitely know the feeling of business, hope you get some rest.

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