Where Did the Time Go…?

17 Jun

I realize I’m a couple days late, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less special for me to post this today 🙂

Two years ago I was napping after working an early morning shift at Starbucks. My sister was trying to convince me to go to Buzz Inn after a strong pregnancy craving for pancakes, but after waking super early, my body was calling for rest!

BTW:  My story for this day is no where near the importance of Heather’s…for I was not the one to give birth 🙂 But I watched it (and wasn’t grossed out :P)

I remember Jaden calling us later in the night to say they were on the way to the Cascade Midwives & Birth Center. He told us not to rush…but fifteen minutes later we got another call contradicting his previous call, she was ready to deliver!!! While listening to some new Lifehouse music I just got (live performance of Simon!), I packed and called my little sis – the plan was to meet at the parking lot of the Marysville Mall. After driving like a mad-woman, I prayed and waited for Sarah to arrive…and when she did, the real Californian drivers in us made an appearance on the flats between Marysville and Everett. I think we probably broke some sort of record for weaving like pro’s in and out of traffic. Planning my excuse in case I got pulled over, which never happened 🙂

We got to the birth center and made our way to the back room. Half expecting to hear some sort of deep-bellied, “I am woman, hear my ROAR!” cry, I was surprised. My sister was focused and barely made any sounds except for some loud breaths – nothing like what Rachel Green or Phoebe Buffay portrayed on Friends!

Sarah lit candles and I began recording, we got there RIGHT in time, barely fifteen minutes later Jericho Fury entered the world! My sister proved again to be one of my heroes on that day, she bounced back to her normal self within minutes. Even sporting a smile in this picture I took!

As much as I enjoy remembering the day Jericho was born, watching him grow up and learn has been just as amazing! He continues to bring a plethora of joy to my life…i can’t even fathom how much I will love my own children if I love him as much as i do! I never realized on that day, June 15, 2009 at 10:31 PM, that my life could be blessed SO much! Just look at THAT face!


Here are some pictures of the last year 🙂 Happy Birthday, Jericho Fury!!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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