Harder Than I Thought…

20 Apr

Okay, so the only time I can really find to write on this blog without heading to a Starbucks to suck up the free internet is during my breaks or lunch, which isn’t quite enough time to eat and write a blog 🙂 When I am home my dog is begging for any energy left in me (which is only enough to take her for a walk Saturday-Tuesday). But here on my breaks, I will show pictures of the last couple of weeks…or month, that i have been slacking. 😀

Having fun during our mealtime at the Mona Lisa in San Vicente 🙂

All the Red House girls! left to right: Morgan, Nicole, Charlotte (prego with Baylie-Rae!), Bree (the bride!), me, and Justine! Morgan and I are still roomies…with Chelsea and soon Kathryn!!

The dual over the bouquet! Nicole vs. Me!

 I got the bouquet 🙂 Sorry for the monster-antics, Nicole 😉

This is what happens during our leader meetings on Wednesday 🙂

This is the look of disgust from my co-worker Josh when I introduce “Friday” to him…PARTYIN’, PARTYIN’, YEAH!

Me and two of the girls I spent time with at the Casa del Pastor! (I can never remember the girl in the middles name…but the girl on the right is Cynthia)

I got a tattoo 🙂

My sister-in-law-squared/ex-roomie, Nicole! What a blessing it was to go on the mission trip with her!!!

The AMAZING 2011 Mexico Mission team!!

My lil sis and I on my birthday!

I wish I would have taken a pic during an awesome birthday dinner with my friends last Friday, but I did not think of it until now…haha, but here is a pic of our view of the space needle while dorking around Seattle that night. What an interesting night 😉

i think that should be enough to fill you in on my life over the last month. I still need to post pics of my new house, but I want to wait until Katheryn moves in for the full effect 🙂


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