Did You Know…?

15 Apr

Did you know that six years ago, the days of the year fell on the same days of the week?

I turned 17 on a Monday and this last Monday I turned 23. That means nothing to ya now, but it is REALLY important to me!

You see, on my 17th birthday…my life changed forevermore! On my 17th birthday, I found out my then boyfriend did something I did NOT agree with in the least while I was gone in California during Spring Break. After discovering what had happened, I went to the bathroom and sat down and cried out to God in a way I never had before. In a blink of an eye, my world was rocked…and four days later after school on Friday, I got a call from that boyfriend and we broke up. Through the brokenness I felt, I began to pursue God ever-so slightly. I began to go to church more and actually listened to what Pastor Dave spoke of. I served in the nursery on Wednesday nights, where I bonded with many of the little kids whose humor softened my heart. I began to go to Young Adults at the Williams’ house, that family changed me in more ways than I could ever imagine. I got new friends. I found a place in this world. I found my Lord and God Jesus Christ.

On this day, 6 years after my heart was first broken by my first boyfriend, I praise the Lord for those painful years. I am amazed it has only been 6 years since I received Him in my heart, it feels like a lifetime. I am not who I was nor will i ever be.

Thank You, Jesus. You made all those trials and afflictions worthwhile. You are my faithful and loyal friend.

And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. – Romans 8:28


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