I’m not a slacker, i promise!!

14 Apr

Well hello my blog readers…I feel as though there is SO much to post on here that I would have to spend an entire day writing an amazingly awesome blog describing the last two weeks. But i haven’t the time! In which case, in the next five minutes of my break I will give you a brief rundown of why I haven’t posted in a while.

1. I was on a mission trip in San Vicente, Mexico for 10 days. I have nearly 1000 pics and videos, so expect a blog full of those amazing memories! The Lord did an AMAZING work in me down there, I am still soaking up all He has done. It’s gonna take a while, but boy…has my heart been softened!

2. I turned another year older, I am now only 2 years away from going by “Kate”. I am 23 now. That is weird to say. That’s like an actual adult. But hey, at least I still look 16. lol.

And yeah, that’s pretty much it. Except continuing to be amazed by my lovely, amazing, quirky, wonderful, cutie-patootie nephew, Jericho.

Oh, and I got a wonderful, real tan down in mexico. Albeit some awkward tan lines. 😛


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