Week 9

1 Mar

In mid-April of 2007, my Daddy flew up to Washington from California (just in time to be here for both mine and heather’s birthdays!) He also came with a mission…

to get me a car!

I realize how blessed I was (and still am) to have him buy me that car. He even raised the limit I could spend when he saw “my eyes light up” as I took my first glance at Mr.Jeep. He just couldn’t say, “no” and how thankful I am. I drove that baby for 60000 miles. Never left the state, but my golly I went to the Gorge, way past Tacoma, and up near Bellingham in that baby. It had been the brunt of some NASTY..NASTY pranks. It has been the getaway vehicle for my own shenanigans! I slept in it on numerous occasions (some I chose to…others, not so much)

Many good, great, wonderful, amazing, blissful, crazy moments were had in my Jeep. Awesome people have taken a ride in it. Friendships were ended. Fights were had. Breakups occurred. Blossoming relationships have also occurred (from the beginning). It got me up and down roads rear-wheel drives never could achieve.

My lovely, broken-down Jeep.

And last Sunday I bid him “adieu” as it was taken away for 3300 less than my dad paid for it. But with 60000 miles on it, it was money WELL spent!

This is my picture of the week, because I love that Jeep…and WILL get another one some day (Mom car? 😉 )

I still can’t decide if it’s a “him” or “it” to me…”him” seems to forced, “it” seems as though I am not giving it enough credit. But regardless, this vehicle was the one for me…at that period of life. Now’s time to be a grown up, i guess…

(i do have a moon-roof now, water balloons can easily be thrown mysteriously from it.)


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