Week 8

23 Feb

I posted a picture last week of me and 3 of the high school girls from the Upperroom last week…and this week, I will post another of the youth group kids.
This past weekend was our Winter retreat aka Winterblast. It was my fourth time going, so crazy! We go to Camas Meadows Bible Camp, i love that place!
The first year I went, my friend Nigel, AJ, some of the kids, and i hiked to an outlook. It’s a short hike…but amazingly BEAUTIFUL! That year the snow was HIGH and we jumped off the cliffs into PILES of snow. The next year Justine was introduced to it and we all did the same thing…do you know just how much fun jumping off cliffs into snow is? VERY FUN! πŸ™‚

The last two years the snow has been somewhat of a downer in freshness, so the rocks are exposed and we are not able to jump off the cliffs without dying. So what do we do instead? Well, besides hopping tree’s (or breaking the tops off trees whilst swinging back and forth)…a PHOTO SHOOT! πŸ™‚
Though some may count it a disaster, this is my favorite one.

Winterblast 2011 was my favorite out of the 4. Each are completely different…but this year felt very different. More kids than ever were sent home due to illness. We had one kid get a concussion (and a trip to the hospital). We had one girl hurt her knee REALLY bad. But everyone grew from those setbacks. We were all united together, cliques were present…but kids were not afraid to branch out and play games and talk with other kids. I only had 3 girls in my small group – but those 3 girls, who I hardly knew, were perfectly chosen by our Lord to be together. My hope, my prayer, is that those girls will remain friends. They need it.

I was also happy Jaden got to go, I love Jeeps…but nothing compares to riding in Big Red when wheelin’! It’s like the lion of the feline species…or German Shepherd of the canines. (I am not the one who thought of that comparison!)

I am excited to see what Winterblast 2012 will be like. I really hope i can jump off the cliffs again… πŸ™‚


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