Drowning in His Grace

23 Feb

With my somewhat of a rant-blog yesterday, i thought it was all the more necessary to post a praise/thankful-blog today.
Yesterday was one of those days that you DREAD coming because you know some sort of miracle must happen to get through the day in one piece with no mental breakdowns. (I was close…ask my roommates.) I had no clue how the day would work out, by midday I was full of worry and chaos. To top it off, I was sick and felt dizzy and lightheaded.
But then I heard the jingle of Czar’s collar, which meant Stacey had arrived for the day. May I just brag by how blessed I am to have her and Jamie as my employers? And not only as my employers, but family? I don’t deserve my job – not one bit. But I have it, and I can’t just work not feeling worthy of it, doing a horrible job. I MUST work knowing the Lord wants to use me and bless me with it. And bless me, He has done…over and over again.
The Lord worked that miracle I needed. I drove home yesterday with a 1999 Nissan Pathfinder. It has a sunroof, heated seats, 4wd, alarm system, and blinkers. It has some dents, but it is amazingly shiny besides that. I just got back from a joy ride trying to find buckets of snow, Everett is not the place to go apparently…but hey, it’s coming down like a blizzard now 🙂

If you didn’t read the last sentence of my blog yesterday, then you don’t know the first answer to prayer the Lord answered yesterday (the excitement of which ceased due to the whole car anxiety crud). Morgan and I have a roommate who in FOR SURE! Her name is Chelsea, I’ve known her for 3ish years – and am excited to get to know her better! So I guess life right now is just full of changes…now that I am no longer in limbo, I will welcome these changes.

Welcome, changes.

…one thing I will HAVE to learn though with making payments on my car is to stick to my budget. I’ve had my budget in my head for six months…i have yet to really inforce it, so this’ll be interesting 🙂 But i know i can do it! I’ll even have some left for savings so I could start saving for my dream Jeep Cherokee 🙂


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