When it Rains, it Pours…

22 Feb

Or in today’s case…snows 🙂

I left for Winterblast knowing it would be the end of one chapter…the beginning of the next. I knew the exact area(s) I would be spiritually attacked. I knew it would be an insane week – a week i could not make any set-in-stone plans. A stressful week. I am not much of a planner, I rather enjoy spontaneity…to a point. When my security blanket is punctured…spontaneity no longer is welcomed. In this weeks case, my security was not punctured once, but twice.

I have probably mentioned before that my roommate Bree is getting married next month. Her parents own the Red House and the newlywed’s will be living there with Nicole and Justine.  That being said, Morgan and I have been on the hunt for a house…and when we found a house, roommates. The house part was easy – her boyfriend, Joey, has parents who have a rental house in Marysville (I will get to this part later), the roommate part was hard. We are still not 100% sure we will have a roommate with us when we move in this week…but more like 80% sure. We will hear back on Friday, and I really hope it is a yes. Not only because it will take the pressure off us to find a roommate, but because the hopeful roommate is awesome and I would LOVE to get to know her better 🙂 (Read the last sentence!)

I probably have also mentioned that my engine blew in my beloved Jeep Cherokee. Usually known for their great engines, mine didn’t live up to the expectation (my own fault). I’ve learned my lesson…but now as a 22 (almost 23) year old, I have…

no credit

NO one to co-sign (and i don’t want to put that responsibility on anyone besides my dad…but, but he falls into This Category.

no savings (except for the last 250 to pay for my Mexico mission trip in April) and 400 for my Jeep (but not until Sunday)

…and no car…and gotta give Da Beast back today.

With this economy it is basically IMPOSSIBLE…i repeat, IMPOSSSSSSSSSSSIBLE to get credit with no credit or co-signer. So what will i do? Good question. I have NO idea.

Living in limbo in these 2 areas, satan has an easy foothold to attack me. Especially being on a spiritual high after such an awesome Winter retreat with 85 of my brother’s and sister’s in Christ. But…I know that worrying about it will only cause me to (A) Get sicker (i have a cold…) and (B) Make it hard for my Jesus to deliver me through this. I’m holding on to my faith in my good, gracious, amazing, loving Savior in this time. He is my ultimate Deliverer.

I was also told this weekend that my Brother-in-law, Andrew, got a new job as a crew member on a tug boat up in Alaska. He leaves this Friday for an unknown amount of time (could be up to 3 months). Needless to say, my little sis is gonna need support…they live in Marysville, which makes moving there (and having a 30 minute commute to work) worth it. I want to be there for her as much as possible

My love for Lifehouse intensified this weekend while I was without my iPod for four days, (I heard one Lifehouse song, thank you to whoever chose to play it :)). There is a song by them that pretty much sums up this time…it’s called Unknown. i haven’t been able to relate much with it until now…thank you, Jason Wade 🙂

This doubt is screaming in my face
In this familiar place,
Sheltered and concealed

And if this night won’t let me rest
Don’t let me second guess
What I know to be real

Put away all I know for tonight
And maybe I just might
Learn to let it go

Take my security away from me
And maybe finally I won’t
Have to know everything

And I am falling into grace
To the unknown
To where You are
And faith makes everybody scared
It’s the unknown, the don’t-know
That keeps me hanging on to You

I got nothing left to defend
And I cannot pretend
That everything makes sense

But does it really matter now
If I do not know how
To figure this thing out

I am against myself again
Trying to fit these pieces in
Walking on a cloud of dust
To get to You



GOOD NEWS! The hopeful roommate (Chelsea) just told me she’s in 🙂 Hallelujah!!!!!!!
Now just for this whole car fiasco to be resolved…


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