Week 7

16 Feb

I have worked in the Upperroom, the high school ministry at my church, for the last 2 years. It’s amazing how much these girls build up MY relationship with the Lord. This weekend I get to spend with 80 or so high schoolers up in a snowy cabin 🙂 We call it Winterblast – and it is definitely one of my favorite youth retreats of the year! Fresh snow is falling as we speak 🙂

This last Sunday, however, I spent time with some of the girls I’ve grown closest with – Shannon, Anna, and Gretchen (or “SAG” as they call themselves 😉 ) We went to Howarth Park in Everett, which is right on the sound…and one of my favorite places 🙂 Afterward we went to an awesome little cafe’ called The Red Cup Cafe’, it was located in a small little shopping area with cobblestone walk ways (I LOVE cobblestone!) and cute benches surrounded by odd-looking tree’s. I think I found a good “hideaway” place!

Of course we had to take pictures (thanks, Shannon!) and a jumping picture is always necessary…although we didn’t think about the whole timer thing, so we jumped up and down like dorks for 10 seconds until they were snapped 🙂

Thanks girls for a wonderful Sunday afternoon!


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