Picture of the Week(s) 5 and 6

7 Feb

I think I am a week behind in my goal to post a pic/summary each week of my week…so this week, i’ll do a double take 🙂

Here is the picture for Week 5

I work in “Man-land” (aka a transmission shoppe) with my brother-in-law, his parents, and other family/friends! Some days our lunch breaks consist of the picture above – it’s hard to see, but Jaden and his friend Austin from the automotive shoppe next door were having a demo derby. The smaller car you see is my mom’s Prism that she bought when I was in the 3rd grade. It’s a piece o’ crap! But take off the exhaust and forget about the moldy seats and Mr. Homeless guys blankets in the backseat – and you have THE perfect car for a demo! It’s loud…VERY loud. Not a good combination when there is a retirement home about 100 feet to the right…needless to say, we get the cops called on us A LOT! But hey – we were there first and some of the elderly folks enjoy our spunk! 🙂

Week 6

Don’t be fooled – i am NOT pregnant…but my older sister is 🙂 She’s 9 weeks and 4 or 5 days along! You’ve probably read the many posts about my nephew, my sisters first son, Jericho…and now he will have a little sister (it better be a girl!)

When Heather was prego with Jericho 2 years ago – it was one of the best times of my life! I cannot tell you how much I learned about pregnancy/babies just by being around her, definitely FAR more than some prego moms probably even know! Watching her belly grow with Jericho edified me in ways I don’t even know how to explain…I had no idea what to expect with her first pregnancy. I had no idea how thankful i would be to have a sister who is super passionate. To have a sister who wanted to protect her child from the unnecessary drugs that are so common in our country today. Forget all the screaming and yelling ladies you watched give birth on tv  (even with the drugs). My sister brought Jericho into this world 100% naturally without any screaming or whining…totally unlike any birth you’d ever watch on MTV or TLC 🙂 Some may say she had it “easy” because her labor was “quick”…and it was easy in that there were no complications, but she was in labor for 24 hours (it didn’t even phase her for about 20 of those hours…she expected it to be worse). I think it was all contributed to 9 months of constant research backed up with the passion the Lord gave her – she had confidence going into the birth. I am excited to go through that journey with her once more 🙂


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