As You Wish

4 Feb

I don’t know if you ever noticed the name of the Kroger brand Grape-Nuts at Fred Meyer, but they’re called “Nutty Nuggets”. Now, I don’t know how some awesome person ingeniously persuaded Kroger to name them “Nutty Nuggets”…but i’m glad they did. Otherwise my little sister would not have her nickname.

There’s no real reason why we chose Sarah to be Nutty Nuggets…her birthday just so happened to be near the time we discovered the cleverly named cereal, and therefore…Sarah was the culprit. We even got her a box for her birthday, it was quite the adventure, too!

It was late in September of 2005 and I was on a mission to get those darn Nutty Nuggets. As my boyfriend at the time and I passed by the shoes, his arm reached out to stop me just short of being exposed to the eyes of my mom and Sarah. I had no idea they were there, I was caught up in a high school romance…and she had no idea what Heather and I planned in our minds for her birthday…it had to be a surprise, of course! We hid as they made their way down each aisle…quickly we made our way to the cereal aisle and grabbed the box of Nutty Nuggets.

I honestly don’t remember how and exactly what we did to make our way through the checkout aisle to not be seen…I try to forget that period of my life :)…but we did, and Sarah embarrassingly unwrapped her box of Nutty Nuggets. Of course my mom did not throw them away…they probably sat on our counter for a couple years – unopened!

But alas Sarah was given the nickname…her full nickname name is Nutty Nugget Filopez Chunks. Filopez came from a misunderstanding of Kanye Wests’ song “Gold-digger”. The lyrics “Jennifer Lopez” was all one word to her apparently. There’s another word that goes along with it…but I cannot remember what it was.

Now, I told Sarah I was going to write this about her – as to which she responded with, “Why don’t you write about my Sarah-ism’s”. Here is a list of “Sarah-ism’s” or her blonde moments.

  • Broccoli Tree
  • “Why do you have two lakes?”
  • “It’s a concert!” (a hairdo we now call a “messy bun”)
  • “Great DANG!”
  • “I saw a sponge, I saw a sponge, I saw a sponge, hey, hey, hey, hey!”
  • “Shake-a, Shake-a, Baby” (she was inspired by Janet Jackson…at 4 years old)
  • “My face is red and white…and my eyes are blue! I’m like the American flag!

She's gonna hate me...


Okay…now this is where you, Heather, come in…I can’t remember anymore…but boy, there are TONS!

She’s THE most random and odd person I know…but life would not be as enjoyable or complete without her 🙂



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