3 Feb

Flashback to 2008 (not sure when, but it was 2008)…

I was working at Starbucks back then, I was helping a customer…just got back on the floor after my break. Mr. Aric was enjoying his time in the back on a break when he noticed I got a call on my ghetto pink razor (remember when razors were THE coolest phone ever…yeah, I remember fawning over those phones…)

He came out…dumb-founded…scatter-brained and stated, “Uh…Kattie? You have a call from a…Hairy Eyeball.

I don’t know what you think of when you think of a “Hairy Eyeball” …but maybe you think, this…

or this…

…or even this?

But no, my friends. You see, according to the urban dictionary, the “hairy-eyeball” is THE death stare. When I think of that stare, I think of my Grandpa Fargher…we call it, the evil eye. No one can do it as well as him. Here’s my Grandpa’s evil eye/”hairy eyeball”

I guess I should explain the Hairy Eyeball that called me at work that day….

it was Heather, she gave herself her own nickname when she put her number in that razor. Her and Jaden bought that phone for Sarah on her 17th birthday. Before that…I always called her, “Pokey”. But that wasn’t a good nickname. I had songs that made fun of her name…

Heather, you’re like a feather.

And so ugly like the weather!

and I also read in her diary that she HATED when classmates called her, “Dead Feather’s Nest”. Hairy Eyeball fits her though, fits her VERY well. 🙂


Tomorrow, i will tell you the story about Nutty Nugget.


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