The Easy Thing

27 Jan

The easy thing about working with coffee, is that when something goes wrong – it takes a couple minutes to fix and the customer leaves with a smile (unless they’re really jerky and rude). When something goes wrong with a car, it can take days…sometimes even weeks if the part/problem is hard to find. That was the case with one customer we had last year…I clearly remember the anger, frustration, and explicit words that came out of her mouth when she called while stuck in a parking lot. I didn’t even hear the worst of it, but boy…that girls anger scared me.

She was one of those girls that was small…but i’m sure she could sucker punch my nose off. You had to walk on glass when dealing with her, when she’d come into the office – there wasn’t an elephant in the room, there was a BLUE WHALE!!! Thankfully, my boss aims to make his customers happy and give them a car that works as it should – she left very thankful and happy.

She came in today…when I saw her face, I was expecting her to start yelling and throwing a fit.

I nervously asked her, “Is your car working?”

Thankfully, she told me she sold it – phew!

I never heard what she and her dad wanted to ask Jamie, because I was totally caught off guard by something she said. I can’t recall what brought it up – actually, now I remember, I asked how she was doing 🙂 And i was totally shocked (in a good way) because…



She got saved 3 months ago!

However, she wants to go to school to be a pastor. Not having a relationship with her and her being a baby Christian, I didn’t have the heart to say anything. I looked past it and rather sought out the heart of it all – when she said she got saved 3 months ago, I could just tell it was meaningful to her. That her relationship with the Lord has impacted her already.

As with any Christian I meet, I asked where she went to church – and her answer made my heart sink. I’m not going to say what church it is, nor will I bash it. But I will say that those I know who have gone there…were the Christians who misused the gifts the Lord gave them. And I will leave it at that.

Living in Everett – I told her about Ken Sutton’s church. She left before I had the opportunity (or courage) to give her a piece of paper with Calvary Everett’s url and address. Right after she left I seriously wondered to myself if my missed opportunity would mean less freedom and more bondage from her – but I realized that God is bigger than that. She said she wasn’t too thrilled with her church and was “shopping” around, so to speak. So hopefully she will continue to seek so the Lord can provide for her a stable church that teaches and acts on the truth.

But in the midst of everything, I still rejoice that a girl I was once scared to be around, now knows the Lord and is seeking to serve Him. My prayer is that He will place the right people in her life, will humble her with the Truth, and will find an amazing church to attend!


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