2011 Week 3

27 Jan

So I must confess that typing out each day is a little long, overdrawn, and exhausting. Often, unless something outrageous happens – the days passes by, and a week later i cannot recall for the life of me what happened. That is unless i go on facebook and look back at what i posted. Lame, right?

Well, to fix that dilemma and make it easier for you…I have decided to switch it up a little and post a picture for the week.

This week was an easy choice!

Meet my lovely, odd, cute, sweet, goofy, crazy, mellow 19 month old nephew – Jericho Fury. He brings me such joy and delight – and for some reason my older sister thought it was a good idea to go on vacation with him for 4 weeks in Arizona. Yet, as I knew she would, she got homesick and 2 weeks in decided to come home on her original return flight! Thank the Lord because I don’t know how I could have gone 2 more weeks without that child’s face to kiss and pinch!  The picture above was last Sunday after he had woken up from a nap (hence his “lala” or binky…)


One Response to “2011 Week 3”

  1. Heidi 2011 January 29 at 4:35 pm #

    He is beautiful….What a blessing! I just wanna give him a good squeeze myself!

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