Attention Readers!!!

24 Jan

In March, Bree (my roommate) is getting MARRIED! What a blessing that is!!

But that means the Red House girls are parting ways, however not entirely – as Morgan and I are moving into a house in Marysville! But as single young ladies, we are beginning to realize we are in need of certain household (kitchen) items!

These items include:






Cookie Sheets


…and of course anything else that you are willing to part ways with!

Feel free to email, comment, message, chat, call, or talk to me in person if you are needing to clean out your closets of all your bachelor(ette) loot! Of course we are interested in furniture, too… 🙂 We are needing couches, dining table, coffee table..or any other random furniture items! 🙂

We move out in early March 🙂 We are also praying for 1 or 2 more girls to join us – so if you know a girl that wants to move out, send her our way! (We have some maybe’s…but no one for sure yet!)

Thanks all!


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