20 Jan

There’s quite a few things I’ve discovered the past couple years since I moved out of my mom’s house that I could classify as my “Favorite Things”…from Dr. Bronner’s, to Danskin Now Leggings at Wal-Mart, to Stella Marie Green Tea candles at Fred Meyer. Oh, and you CANNOT forget Canopy Egyptian Cotton Sheetsat Wal-Mart, too (i’m sure they’re not the best quality…but they are the only sheets i can stand sleeping on!!)
But one of my favorite things…places to go, is Grilla Bites. My Facebook Friends have read my many status updates about Grilla Bites, as a matter of fact…I’ve been there the last 4 out of 8 days. You read that right. Today I tried the burger, finally…and it was a buffalo burger! Grass fed and local (i think the local part, they do local fruits and veggies and meats!) If you have a Grilla Bites near you, don’t delay…GO!!! I know they have them in California (for my family! 🙂 ) and I think the first time I’ve actually been to a Grilla Bites was in Redondo Beach with my Grandma. I got the blueberry pancakes.
I have yet to be disappointed by anything at this restaurant (besides the lack of sweetness in their orange juice that made me crave the fresh-squeezed orange juice from Eat at Joe’s in Redondo Beach! Yumm….be sure to watch their video haha…
But anyway, go to Grilla Bites. If you live in the Snohomish or surrounding area, you have no excuse. It’s smack dab on first street. Inbetween a toy shoppe and thai restaurant.
I shall now go back to eating my carrots and hummus! YUM!


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