2011 Week 2

17 Jan

It has been one busy week!!

Let’s see…last Wednesday was one of the high schoolers birthday. If you are not familiar with our birthday traditions in the Upperroom, I shall inform you. Whipped cream…but the birthday girls parents brought cake, so I had the blessing of smacking her in the face with a lovely piece of deliciousness. But unfortunately, the cake fell off the plate right before I could make it to her face. I had another girl hand me the piece and amidst the attempt to pull the hood over her face, the cake got in her hair as she was saying, “Nooooooooo!” She knew what was to come πŸ™‚ Thanks, Shannon!

Thursday a normal Thursday – payroll and the such. Heather convinced me to come over to her house for Chicken and Dumplings, knowing the deliciousness of such a food…I of course took up the offer and had dinner with them before they all left to Arizona (no Jericho for about 3 or 4 weeks…how am i going to survive?!?!) After dinner I went to The Gathering and listened to Matt Esterley speak. He asked us a question that really resonated with a lot of us…”Are you busy or are you just not disciplined?” Think about it πŸ™‚ That night was the last I saw of my friend Abigail until she gets back from India in late-February! She left on Monday, pray for her πŸ™‚

Friday was incredibly unusual and frustrating…and awesome. Awesome because it was the day I left for The Gathering Winter retreat in the mountains. Awesome (but mostly sad) because I drove my sister and her family to the airport. No sister or Jericho for 4 weeks, sad, sad, sad…at least I have Sarah! The drive to the airport was fine, well…I wasn’t the one driving and was very much distracted by the cuteness of my nephew sitting, singing, and smiling. I wished them “adieu” and was thinking everything was going just fine for me to get back to Lake Stevens by 430. Seriously, it’s… maybe 45 Β minutes from the airport to the Lake Stevens area. Well, it took me over 2 hours. And I was late to meet everyone at church…so they had to wait for me to finally get to Monroe. It wasn’t fun…not fun at all. But thankfully there’s awesome people in my life who are patient and would rather wait for me than have me drive by myself. I just assume satan REALLY did not want me to go to that retreat. Not only because of that, but once we arrived in the awesome town of Leavenworth – we realized we should have turned onto another road about 25 minutes back. Thankfully we got to the camp…and boy, it was GORGEOUS! Hills, mountains, trees, snow. Perfect.

Saturday we spent the whole day at Tall Timber, snow fell all night and day so there was a lot of fresh powder which made excellent snowman and snowball material! The day started off with breakfast…and then worship and devo from Adam. We had an hours worth of quiet time, Adam supplied some verses for us to meditate on…and then had us go to a verse in Isaiah about bald heads and two mother bears killing some mockers. πŸ™‚ The Lord spoke to me about prayer…and the need for it in my life. It’s been an area of struggle for me, so i wrote in the back of my notebook a short but thorough list of who and what I need to pray for. It has been a good thing for me so far, I’ve spent a good amount of time in prayer this last week. I forgot how necessary it is πŸ™‚

After the quiet time was snow time! Bree and I made a snowman and afterward spent some time discussing what the Lord spoke to us about so far (besides prayer, the Lord spoke to me about my time usage). Then we had lunch…and then a group of us headed out to the tubing hill. Took a lot longer than it should have πŸ˜› Grace, Rosalie, Ben, and I made a tunnel thing…that collapsed once Ben tried to worm his way through it πŸ˜› and then it was time to tubing, which…is no way near as much fun as the tubing hill at Camas Meadows. But hey, the funnest part was the snowball fight, which I always end up being a target. I’m used to it though, and i love it when my aim is actually good and i hit someone. We had dinner and then another devo from Shane’s brother-in-law who is named Shane, too. We had an extended worship set and then spent the last bit of the night playing games. Now, I have a knack for getting hurt in the lamest ways. Case in point, Rockband – i got an instant blister whilst playing the drums (seriously, probably after 30 seconds of playing). Saturday night was no different, I ended up with a bleeding scrape and bruised knuckle from foosball. I called it a night after that, took a shower, and had the hardest time falling asleep.

Sunday morning we had a HUGE, awesome, delicious, amazing brunch! Before that though we had another short devo/reflection time and then we had brunch. That brunch trumps many other brunches…oh, how i love brunch. Yum. I want brunch. Anyway…

after brunch we finished packing/loading and then headed home 😦 It’s always sad going from a wintery, Narnia-esque world…to a rainy, wet, gray world. Yeeee-uck! My lovely friends, Jenny and Stewart picked my jeep up from the sketchy Safeway parking lot…and so I got dropped off at my sisters and headed to the church to get my stuff. I spent the next couple hours relaxing before heading to church for the winter discipleship groups. There is SO much more to learn about the book of James than I ever thought…that book has touched my life so often! After the adult “d-groups” we went over to Dustin’s to watch Sherlock Holmes. I left in a hurry after that as I was exhausted Β and Josh called to say he wasn’t able to stop by J and H’s house (jerk! jk…).

Once I got there, I let the dogs out and went to sleep. Despite getting at least 7 or 8 hours, the night before of 3 hours of sleep still effected me and I was dead. That and I decided the week before that I would go a week without caffeine as suggested by Corey. I honestly can’t remember the rest of Monday, except for thinking a new Chuck was on at 8 pm…until I realized 5 minutes in I had watched that episode already πŸ˜› Bummer. Thankfully Gossip Girl was on…so I watched that with the puppys and headed to sleep…

Tuesday was cold and cloudy, there was a threat of snow to hit later in the evening (YAY!!!) but coupled with that was a warm front the next day/morning (BOOO!!!). I patiently waited for snow to fall while sitting at my desk…but to no avail. I met with Shawnie in the morning and had a good time as usual πŸ™‚ I cannot express just how needed it is to have someone older to look up to and seek counsel from! I prayed for it for a while and the Lord answered! Thank You! After that I went back to work and only remember being bombarded with the many papers on my desk…I left at 430ish to go to D-groups. Justine made homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese, good meal for a cold day! We are starting a new study for D-groups through Matthew – an inductive Bible study (Shane kept calling it in IBS…my mind did not think of an inductive Bible study…bahaha). The study is in the same format as the one Shawnie and I are doing, so that was nice! By the time d-groups was over, snow still wasn’t falling. Bah! I went to my house to pack up some last minute things before going back to J and H’s house. As I was walking outside, snowflakes were falling!!! More and more kept falling, I left right in time because shortly after I arrived at their house it was a full force blizzard! I’m not even kidding! The wind was strong and the snow was hard! By the time I went to bed we had at least five or six inches…in two hours! I opened the front door to see a hill of at least a foot of snow right outside the door. The dogs LOVED it, Posi was like a pig in mud! Sadly though, by the time I woke up it was raining πŸ˜› booo…and it has been raining since. Floods are now in the forecast πŸ˜₯

Well, that is for week 2 so far πŸ˜›

Now here is a picture!

Me in action, I dare not post a picture of my defeat. πŸ˜›



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