2011 Week 1

5 Jan

WordPress challenged its fellow bloggers to blog everyday for the 2011 year – and that is a little too much for myself, even though I know I could if i REALLY wanted to. But by, say…May 21, 2011 – it’ll all probably become mundane and lame. That being said, I am switching it up to posting about my week, the things I’ve learned, experienced, and triumphed over…and a picture, for every week of 2011. Not to get mixed up with all my other blogs, they’ll have titles similar to the one above.

The Red House began the year with our second annual New Years Party. This year was a lot more mellow and had a lot less people, but by 10 or 11 we were fully involved in an intense game of guys vs. girls charades. As a matter of fact, the new year countdown interrupted the middle of one of the games. It was definitely on the back burner!

By the end of the night, the guys began choosing lame things to act out. Such as Raskolnikov. Never heard of him? Neither had I (who acted it out) or any of the other girls who watched as I shamefully tried to get them to guess the character from Crime and Punishment. And the boys were mad when one of them had to act out Rumpelstiltskin, golly…at least spell check knows THAT name!  I think I said to myself at least a billion times, “If only Kaelee were here…” But it was all made up for as Jacob Jerde had to act out “Giving birth to olives”.

The night ended around 2 and I woke up the next afternoon with a caffeine headache. Usually coffee is the first thing I grab when I work at 830, so sleeping until noon is not a good idea. I was probably also dehydrated…

Other than that, my day consisted of spending money on things I don’t need right now.

Despite waking up naturally at 815 on Sunday, I for some reason thought I deserved MORE sleep and forced myself to sleep until 10. I lasted until 945 and once again regretted not going to first service. It’s the third week in a row, I sense some self-discipline coming my way. Sunday was also the start of Winter Discipleship groups at church. When Pastor Jim sent the notice for the classes – the one on James was of course my first and only choice. It’s my favorite book of the Bible and I really enjoy hearing what the Lord has given Bill Miller to say about practical faith! It’ll be interesting to see how the Lord will work in us all during the next 8 weeks!

Monday was back to the daily grind at work, that night I was blessed to spend time with the Christiansen family and another girl my age, Kelsey. Monica made delicious chicken quesodillas with bbq sauce – who would think? They were delicious! Then us three girls cut out cookies and frosted them – it’s nice to have older ladies to look up to. That thought has been on my mind a lot the last couple months!

Tuesday consisted of work and then going over to Shane and Shawnie’s house to meet with Shawnie. As I said above, it’s really nice and important to have older ladies look up – and thankfully Shawnie reached out and offered to do Bible studies with me. Each week I learn more and more from her, I am blessed!

It was back to work after that – and then off to D-groups! We are sorta in a transition period so instead of our normal routine, we ate pizza (it was one of the high schoolers bday!) and played an intense game of (shoes vs. socks) 4 on the couch.

And now today is Wednesday and it is just a typical Wednesday. Work, church, and who knows what else! This weekend…this weekend though will be amazing. I and 40+ other college-aged students are heading to where the land is white, fluffy, and cold for a winter retreat. I’m excited 🙂 And then I will be housesitting/dog sitting for my older sister. That should be fun, too!

Well, until next time! Bon Voyage!!

Oh, picture…this is the only picture i’ve taken in 2011. There was a beautiful sunset (and sunrise) on New Years! Notice the snow, too 🙂


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