Just do it…

3 Dec

At the sweet age of 5, my mom signed my sisters and I up for ballet. Sarah and I were in a class together where we learned how to do the “log” (aka rolling around on the ground). I don’t know how long we were in the class for, not even a year, but now at 22…I am regretting not pursuing it further. The house my parents bought shortly before I turned 6 had an EXCELLENT hallway for practicing all the dance moves I would imagine a ballerina doing. Hardwood floors and socks are all you need to turn into a ballerina, don’t you know?

Though I regret not pursuing ballet these days, it was never a huge passion to sign up. The last three years I randomly find myself pretending I am a ballerina when bored (I think Justine and Kaelee could justify that). Anytime I watch a movie such as Save The Last Dance or Center Stage…the longing in me to be a ballerina is once again fired up.

Last night Matt Esterly asked us at The Gathering where the Lord is leading us this week. The answer is an easy one – do ballet.

And here is the reason. Since I graduated, I have lived a comfortable life in church and work. Often times my work life is intertwined with my church life, making it even more comfortable and more of a bubble. It’s not a bad thing, I am very thankful for the comfort and security I have in my life. But it’s time to start pursuing something specifically for me. I know once I am married and have kids, life won’t be nearly as free as it is now. I can do anything I want, when I want, how I want, where I want. If I want to move to Tasmania, I could – without any strings attached. But that’s a little too scary and I can’t stand being away from my nephew for too long 🙂

My sisters each have the things they are passionate for. My older sister has ALWAYS been passionate about something for as long as I could remember…ranging from cats, Ville Valo, VW’s, childbirth, etc. — and my little sister has cheerleading and photography. I’ve always been a “jack-of-all-trades”, never really good at any one thing, but good at many things (and bad at many things, too). I know we always think we are alone in our thinking, but I was comforted last night to know one of my friends, Brianne, is the same way. I thank the Lord for that 🙂 Maybe it’s a middle child thing?

So now I have this passion to pursue something for me…and doing beginner ballet at 22 is slightly embarrassing (but hey, in my mind the moved I do at home are definitely not beginner ;)) But humbling in the least, and thankfully there ARE beginner adult classes. So I think I’m going to do it. Just don’t expect to be invited to any of my recitals. 😛

The other thing I believe the Lord is leading me to, is to go on a vacation by my self. Somewhere still within the U.S. (I don’t want to be banned from Russia like Nicole.) I’m thinking Charleston, S.C. or Nashville, TN. Somewhere is accents 😉


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