A horrible, wretched, hideous way this girl is getting older.

27 Nov

I suppose I will start off by saying, I don’t want to grow up and be an old fart. Or just old…I read something once that said when you are 25, your body slowly degenerates. I don’t like that, I want to DEFY that. But alas, I may as well come to terms with degeneration…

This morning I woke up with a backache which could probably be blamed on the bed of stone Andrew and Sarah have in their spare bedroom that I slept in on Friday. When I finally decided to get out of bed, I did some stretches. Nothing too drastic at first, I didn’t want to strain anything! I finally started doing some of the more difficult stretches, such as laying my hands flat on the floor while standing up with legs straight. For some reason it was a big deal for some older folks that I could do that as a child…but lately I’ve noticed my muscles have been tighter than usual….making this slightly difficult. I ignored the tightness and proceeded with some other stretches. I won’t go into technical detail of the next stretch I did…but it involves me on my back with my legs over my head, knees on the ground. Only…my knees didn’t reach the ground. What the heck?!? I just did that a month ago!

I guess I am getting to the age where I need to stretch more frequently in order to maintain my flexibility. I don’t really like that…I want to be able to whip out my odd flexible positions at the drop of a dime. Not having to prepare for them, that’s not childlike. But regardless of how I maintain my flexibility….I am determined to be this Grandma


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