25 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!

I tried sleeping in, but woke up early with a headache. Kind of scared me for a while as I slipped on the ice while sledding and hit my head on the ice last night (i am a slight hypochondriac)…thankfully it has gone away with help from caffeine and ibprofen! 🙂

A nice new layer of snow fell over night, but now it has turned to stupid rain 😦

Despite the snow, Jaden got a bunch of guys together to play football (Turkey Bowl)! Heather, Sara Kasch (and Jip), and I stayed warm in my jeep doing what girls do best!

I got a nice tall cup of Christmas blend – I have to be honest, the Christmas season was my favorite as a partner at Starbucks. Everytime I go in there or hear Aimee Mann…i kinda wanna cry cause i miss it so much!!! But at least i can still enjoy Christmas blend, cranberry bliss bars, Grandma’s turkey sandwich…albeit no 30% discount 😦

My second-round of sweet potatoes have just been removed from the oven, cooling off before I head out to the Songstad’s! They smell mightily delicious!

I am heading out with some of the Jerde clan to experience an intense day of shopping, beginning with Old Navy at midnight! We shall be having a grand time!

I hope all of y’all have a wonderful day of F’s…friends, family, food, fun… 🙂

And don’t forget to give thanks to the One who created all and is in all…even if you are lonely today, i think we can all find something to be thankful for!!!



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