My trip to the state above the golden one :)

18 Nov

I was only in Oregon for 3-ish days, but in those 3 days I got some MUCH needed time with my family. It never ceases to amaze me what a WONDERFUL family the Lord has given me. Knowing many people whose family is full of drama, haste, bitterness, and grudges – I know I am lucky! If there was a word to describe my family, it would be – united- us Fargher’s stick together! 🙂 (Okay, and Snodgrass’s! Please feel free to make fun of our surnames…haha)

The highlight of my trip was visiting the small, small, small town of Maupin. As my second-cousin’s husband said, “If you meet someone here who has lived in the area for more than 3 years – you are related.” To give you an insight of my lovely yet quirky family, wrap your mind around this trusim – my Grandma’s brother, married my Grandpa’s sister. I hope you caught that there is NO incest involved 🙂 But it does mean my family is huge and i LOVE it!

There is FAR too much to tell about my trip, so i figured since pictures are worth 1000 words…i’d post some of the pic’s my little sister took! Once my cell phone has enough battery power (and i have enough patience), i’ll post more from my perspective!

Welcome to Maupin 🙂

The town – blink, and you’ll miss it 😉

A silo..or something!

My grandparents went to school in this building!

My great-Aunt’s dog, gnawing on an elk hoof.

A beautiful barn on the ranch my Gma grew up on!

Jericho HAD to go on the tractor!!

A view of the ranch property – I’d love to get married out there!

Jericho was spoiled by his great-aunties and great-gma – LOTS of duck gear!

He also became good buddies with my cousin Derek!


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