I would be remiss if I did not mention this needs to be quite exuberant…

9 Nov

A glimpse into a future blog post…

The song that we worship the Lord with don’t always have to be slow…the one i posted above is a PERFECT example. Have you EVER seen the David Crowder Band live? Cause if you haven’t, oh BOY, are you missing out! The memories of freedom of worshiping the Lord with thousands of fellow Believers and good friends at one of my MOST favorites spots in the world brings a softening to my hard heart. How i LONG to be in that crowd singing that song once more…may i mention how much of an awesomely awesome job they did with the lighting…it is SO easy for me to imagine the bright lights of the stage shining on my face as the word “JOOOOY!” is sung. Golly…i miss it.

Here’s another awesome video from that Creation…


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