a little more of You, Jesus

30 Oct

As humans…we don’t always understand why the Lord does the things He does. It’s confusing…FRUSTRATING sometimes. It’s hard to not ask “WHY me?!?!?!” when life doesn’t go our way.

But His faithfulness in the past only shows me that one day…I will laugh and be thankful for those times His intentions weren’t clear.

I’m gonna be honest here and tell you about my horrendous spending habits. Well, not absolutely horrendous…just young and stupid spending habits. I AM able to pay my bills…albeit too often i use my debit card on a wednesday for a purchase larger than my bank account holds because i know the transaction would be pending for at least two days…which means no overdraft fee since i get paid at midnight on Friday. I have been following this trend now for the last 6 weeks. And it has finally caught up to me this week to take a large bite in my booty. In a horrendous and heinous way.

That being said…i have had six overdraft fee’s (at $34 each that’s $204) I got two waived yesterday….and will probably have to threaten to close my account in order to get more taken off. And here is the sad thing…i still have three more pending transactions which means THREE more overdraft fee’s. All because i was trusting on something that i should have never trusted in. So, that’s a total of $306 in overdraft fees. And…i just don’t know what to do. I am closing my account…even if they waive the fee’s. I’d rather run out of actual cash and not have any other mode of money in my possession than using money i don’t have and being charged up the butt with overdraft fees.

It’s stupid that i have to learn this way…very very stupid. I am an impulsive shopper. I have been trying to get a credit card for the last 2 months and find myself happy i was denied for not having any credit. Who know’s what trouble i would have gotten in with my impulsive shopping habits. The ridiculous thing…is that I kinda wanna experience a major credit crisis (think…Becky Bloomwood from Shopaholic) because she made it sound fun. Though i know very well it truly isn’t fun and a major flaw with our society today.

Though i am typing this blog on 7/9/2010, i am not posting it today for one reason. I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me…i deserve to learn this way. Major trials such as this one is how i learn the best. It’s also how I experience His grace…for i know very well He is doing this for my own good. I gotta go in to Chase and get it straightened out with my them…I’m hoping, though i don’t deserve it…they will let me make payments to them. Otherwise…I don’t know what i will do. But i know that if i put my trust in Him, He will take care of it all. I’m also glad i get to experience this stupidity while i am single and young….that way i only disappoint myself and not my family. 🙂

….and this is where i put in the followup.

And four months later i finally go through my drafts and finish this blog.

Not that I was in any real debt, but being the closest thing too debt, it felt horrible. I can’t remember exactly how many of the over draft fee’s were waived, not all…but most. I went in to Chase four months ago scared I would be paying this thing off for ages, thankfully the Lord was gracious and set me up to talk to a nice lady named Jennifer at the Lake Stevens Chase. She waived the fee’s and gave me confidence it’ll all get worked out. I began paying off the fee’s on my checking account and instead of closing that account, we opened up a new one. (I’m easy to persuade i guess…) It actually made the process for paying my debt off easier because I could just transfer the money into the other checking account. Instead of a debit/credit card I got an atm card and besides the bills i pay online, I did cash only.

Then came the kicker…one Friday I had a transfer set up to pay my debt. But my account in debt was gone…and that’s when I remembered I had two months to pay off the fee’s to avoid collections.


I didn’t get any letter in the mail telling me where to pay the remaining fee’s for collections and was worried up the ying-yang, but God was gracious (in a way hard to see at the time) and money was being taken out of my account by the collection people, I had only 65 dollars and some odd cents to pay, but it was the day before payday which meant I had 40 bucks in my account 🙂

My pride got the best of me and didn’t like that they did that without my permission…so what did i do? I opened up an account at BECU the next week 🙂 HA…can’t take my money now, can ya?!?

But then I got slightly convicted so I put 15 bucks in there so they’d know I was still paying it off. The next week I put the remaining amount in and that’s where i am today. Or more like the last 3-4 weeks. That 11 bucks is still sitting there. I’ve called them more than once, I spoke to a guy named Jim in collections at 12:01 on Monday of last week. I’ve emailed them…and yet, that dang 11 bucks is STILL in my account! Wait a second, I just checked and it says “systems available”…whatever that means.

Anyway, I suppose I will now inform you of what I’ve learned.

1. Despite of the grace I was given by some employees, I am not a fan of Chase and have received excellent…i repeat, EXCELLENT service from BECU. Besides not having a drive-thru atm. I don’t like that part.

2. Stacey is an awesome lady to work with, FULL of wise advice about money, saving, and just all around wisdom having to do with pesky situations. I wouldn’t have written down that guys name or time I talked with him if she didn’t teach me to do that…now if i could only remember the day…

3. I make a lot more money than i thought, i just waste a lot of it!

4. Quickbooks is awesome…Stacey let me create my own Quickbooks thing at the shoppe. It’s fun 🙂

5. I learned how to budget…and if i actually go by that budget, i could have a lot of money in savings by the new year! (I said at the beginning of October I’d be better at saving…i’m switching it to November now..)

6. The more worried you are about your budget, the more stupid mistakes you’ll make…and the more anxious you’ll become.

7. I know Dave Ramsey is awesome and knows how to deal with money and has worked for a lot of y’all and blah, blah, blah…but Stacey is my own personal Dave Ramsey (only she is a woman and named Stacey :))

8. The greatest thing I’ve learned (again) is that God is FULL of grace and mercy that is neverending.



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