cloudy tuesday

30 Sep

My old youth leader from the Fire Escape days at CCM, Brian O’Kelly, once told us that if you need to ask someone to do something for you — ask a busy person. Why? Because they’re busy for a reason!

It really does make sense…and in all honesty, it kinda peeved me when he told us that because I was not that person. I loved helping people, but I was the laziest of lazys.

This Tuesday was my day off, usually I do some laundry…pick up my room…and then head of to D-groups. I am starting a study with Shawnie on Tuesdays, so that was the first thing on my agenda. Then I had to stop by Everett CC to talk with my online math teacher (it will be THE easiest math class ever!!). Usually I would head out to church around this time to be at d-groups…but with the Pastor’s Conference happening, D-Groups was cancelled. Which only made it easier to do something I haven’t ever really done before…without a vain purpose.


My little sister is an aspiring photographer. If any of us sisters, I would have expected Heather to be the photographer, so it’s quite a surprise that Sarah has my dad’s knack for taking beautiful pictures.

The photo above is one of my favorites she has taken. She recently got a 3D version printed out to hang on her wall!

She however wants to start building her portfolio up for people…and asked me to be her “model” for Senior-esque pictures.

She brought along 2 pairs of heels, dresses, her ballroom princess gown, and a lieu of other clothing for me to awkwardly change into. All the while at one of my favorite spots on the Western side of this state, Howarth Park. It has been the location of MANY wonderful moments in my life – walking the tracks with friends…and shortly after getting caught by the park ranger and escorting us back to the car, chasing birds, k-squared photo adventures, watching sunsets and eating burgers…as well as times i have spent alone with the Lord.

I love this place, so i was thankful it was the place Sarah chose to capture me in all my awkwardness. 😉

Here are some of my favorite pictures she took…


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