Dear milk and sugar,

27 Sep

Dear sugar,

you taste absolutely wonderful to my tongue. But once my body begins to absorb your sweetness, all heck breaks loose and i am left feeling putrid. The sugar absorbs any hydration within my body and shortly i am left feeling bubbly and looking 4 months pregnant. I see my family and friends gobble you up…cakes, custards, pies, cookies, chocolate, ice cream, whipped cream, etc…with no such side-effect…and they crave you everyday! But only on rare occasion do you seem appetizing to my poor stomach. I love and crave you in your fructose form, watermelon and strawberries makes my tongue water with envy of not having you in my grasp of such forms at this very moment. But there is a problem. Once i get to the fruit aisle, i am overwhelmed by your fresh, sweetness…and can’t choose what i want. Grapes, oranges, melons, GALORE. You are plentiful. It only makes me wish my mom would bring home a bag of the fructose-you without my (obviously approving) consent. Usually i go without you in any form…but i know i need you….please, rekindle your friendly relationship with my stomach!!!

I remember the day when I realized I could tolerate you no more. I was 17 and heartbroken….yes, you heard me, i was heartbroken and truly did not crave your sugary self. Goes against everything in the heartbroken handbook. But don’t feel sad, I had no appetite for 6 months. And once i gained my appetite back….our relationship was never the same.

Will i ever fit in with my peers and crave you in chocolatey form? I question my relation to the Fargher family for not loving the chocolate. But thankfully they love me unconditionally.

Dear milk,

i’ve never really liked you in your white liquidy form. You taste funny. But alas, you go with so many things i consume. Cereal, coffee, sweets (double-whammy), cheese, cheesecake, yogurt, etc. I’ve learned to adjust to almond, soy, or coconut milk. But sometimes i wish you would just stop beating my insides up. That’s what it feels like when i consume you. WAR. I don’t always know when a dish is loaded with you, and i hate to limit what i can eat because you often look yummy and the war you declare inside my intestines is sometimes worth it.

I was 19 when you began war, but at the tender age of 6 i remember the squabbles you first inflicted on me. I thought it would mean juice at lunch like all the other lactose intolerant kids…but then you quickly became dormant for 13 years. Preparing for the ultimate battle. I don’t really know why you must do this to me. I know being a human and all it is hard for us to break down all the big, yet microscopic, proteins. Why must we all consume cows milk? My body hates you…many bodys hate you.




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