hey little sister…

25 Sep

I was a little sister ever before I was an older sister. Ever since I could remember, Heather would boss me around. She’d interview me, drown me, save my life, play with me, teach me, and besides the bumps and bruises (literally) over the years, I didn’t mind. She always set the standard of what is “cool”, Sarah and I would almost always follow suit. Except for that horrendous apron phase….here are some random facts of how my older sister affected my life at a young age…

First off, there is a saying to not cry over spilled milk. Well, please tell Heather that crying over spilled water is even more ridiculous. And I’m not sorry πŸ˜›

Heather used to give me a daily noogy. I wish i were joking, but I am not. Alas…a noogy does not really hurt, it just bothers me when my hair gets messy.

Back when i was in kindergarten, Heather taught me how to multiply. She must’ve been good at teaching even way back then, because I picked it up quickly. A few years down the road, I was ahead of my classmates, and wooped their butts at “Around the World”.

My parents both have good music tastes. We grew up listening to CCR, The Clash, The Ramones, and (shutter…) Nirvana. I must admit, these days it’s my pride speaking of my distaste for Nirvana. But it’s also my nostalgia that makes me (somewhat) enjoy their music….ANYWAY, Heather decided around the age of 8 that Nirvana and rock music for that sake was not cool. What was? TLC and anything else that played on Kube 93.3. Yes, we DID listen to that horrible station…but these days it does feel pretty cool knowing Puff Daddy’s stuff back then. And you can’t forget about Coolio. Or En Vogue..and Shaggy’s “Boombastic”.

She is also the reason I got into Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Brandy, Brand New, and many other artists.


These days though, I am more aware of the things I copy her for. Not because I don’t believe what she says, but because i am no where as passionate as her. Though I wish i were….

I will say that when I get pregnant one day, I am adamant to do it as she did. No hospital, no drugs, no screaming, and in the water. She set the standard for me.

Her passion for nutrition has also flared up an interest in nutrition or myself. And because of that nudge in that direction, I am now looking to become a nutritionist. And a “crunchy” one at that.

When I first started walking with the Lord, Heather told me that I won’t or shouldn’t always believe what she or anyone else says. I need to read His word on my own and find my own path with Him. Always do my own research and take what everyone says as a grain of sand. And boy, am i thankful she said that. It just made me agree with her more πŸ˜‰ But in all seriousness, I don’t follow everything she does or says. But I can rest assured that EVERYTHING she does is backed up with HOURS AND HOURS…AND MORE HOURS of research. She read views from agreeing sides…and even the opposing side. There are too many people who do believe everything their parents, sister, brother, or significant others says without doing their own research. And then try to argue about it. That’s not cool. (but i must admit i’ve made the mistake!)

All in all (and despite the noogys) I am thankful to have THE most passionate person I know as my older sister. Thanks, Hairy Eyeball!


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