oh, how i want to break free!

23 Sep

I listened to Bohemian Rhapsody on my way home from church last night, so the title is in lieu of that! 🙂

But it does coincide with my topic tonight!

I wouldn’t say I am in a rut with this particular situation, just a tad bit too comfortable. I am going through the motions, so to speak.

I was in a similar rut 5 years ago during my senior year of high school, life was comfortable. I knew where I belonged, who i could comfortably hang out with. My group of friends was a strong group, both at school and church. This wasn’t the problem, though. What WAS the problem was I was graduating soon, my best friend was heading to Germany for a year, and she was the glue that connected me with many other friends. My church friends were predominantly guys…my sisters and Brittany H. were truly the only other close girls in my group of friends. And it stayed that way for over a year.

Not that I didn’t enjoy my sisters presences in my life, but they’ve been around pretty much forever and I desired more girl friends. And then I became friends with Justine. Granted, briefly dating Nigels best friend at the time spurred the friendship on. As well as my older sister telling Justine to be my friend…but regardless, it was an answer to prayer! And through that friendship, many others were created. Kaelee, Deborah, Tessa, Chelsea, Nicole, Brianne, Morgan….the Lord answered my prayer MANY times over.

And look at me now! I live with four other girls who I’ve only know for 5 or less years! And I couldn’t feel more blessed 🙂

These days I can’t complain as I am REALLY comfortable with my group of friends. We have the same group of people over at the red house 3 or 4 nights a week. I can talk about my lack of ability to plunge a toilet in front of them, without caring about their judgement. They know me…i know them. Which is ABSOLUTELY  wonderful, let me tell ya! With the spider population running wild this year, my friends have seen a side of me that’s intended for those close to heart!

The problem though is, is that once Justine or whoever gets married…where will I be? Who will I hang out with? I find myself too dependent on my group of friends..but life changes, and we grow up. I hope with MY WHOLE HEART that this group will stay close FOREVER because i love them all dearly…but I don’t want to be too dependent on them for my social needs. I need to put myself in uncomfortable situations, new groups.

I’ve been praying and hoping for a new adventure. Something new, fresh, and fun. And God has answered that in a very unexpected…yet simple way. To simply put it, I am attending a Bible study an old co-worker has begun. It’s all girls..but not in the creepy womanly way. These girls are what i guess you could consider “young adults”….and a very humble group of girls that i feel comfortable around. I’m really excited for the study!!! And feel totally blessed, too!

On another note, i just want to reaffirm to my friends that i love you all and am very thankful for all of you. I can’t express how blessed i am by the amount of brothers and sisters i have gained in the last five years! I am so thankful to have so many guys i look up to as older brothers…who protect me and treat me as a little sister! (Even if that means constant teasing!)

And on yet another note regarding the need for a new adventure, my dad was recently laid off from his job in Los Angeles, which is his ideal place to work since it’s where our family is. He isn’t worried about finding a job, he’s already got an offer from a company he’s worked for previously here in Mukilteo! But there is the possibility of him going to Alabama or South Carolina…and if he chooses one of those options, i am going with him! Yes, this is just my fleshly desire…but you never know where the Lord will take you! And i probably wouldn’t even move until next year if he does go there… 🙂 I’m just flirting with the idea of being around folks with southern accents..and close to beautiful beaches! My dad told me the best beaches are in Georgia which is fairly close to Alabama! I was really surprise he didn’t say California, actually 🙂

friends...are awesome


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