Of a child-like faith…

21 Sep

There is a new blog i have recently found myself slightly obsessed with, it’s called Playing Grown Up. Read it, you will (hopefully) love it as much as i do!

While reading through her archives I came across some random questions she was asking her readers. One of them consisted somewhere along the lines of, “how do you stay young?”

I have a heart of a child. But it DID take sometime for me to come up with a lists of how exactly I am a woman-child. Overcoming the trials the Lord has put before me has matured me, greatly, which speaks of the woman part..but the child part? Well, here is my list 🙂

  • Running in the rain – As a child, I used to splash around our flooded carport during down pours. I would also put my head directly below the storm drain leakage and DRENCH my ENTIRE head (and body) in the rain run-off. Better than a shower! This past Spring we endured the down-pour of down-pour’s here in Washington. Many streets in the puget sound area flooded, and instead of staying inside once i got out of school, I put my awesome running shoes on….and went for a run. It only lasted 1/2 mile at most, but exercise wasn’t my main focus, getting SOAKED was. And boy did i get soaked. I did this about a few weeks ago, too (only i did 2.2 miles). You should try it..it feels GREAT!!!
  • Mama’s cookin’ – Ask my roommates what food i talk about most, and they’ll probably say my mama’s. I compare almost everything to her cooking. Her thanksgiving food is the best…as are her sandwiches, eggs, stuffing, pecan pies, toast, cinnamon toast, and green bean casserole (i almost cried by it’s goodness last year…)
  • Adventure – Truth be told, I was a wuss as a child. I was always paranoid i’d get in trouble. Sometime around the age of 16, i was introduced to the world of shenanigans. My first actual shenanigan was throwing water balloons at cars with my friends from Calvary Chapel Marysville (Lisa Strecker was our chauffeur!) After a few years, I became friends with Nigel…and Kaelee. And my sense for adventure has never been the same. Just last night we were remembering some of our greatest shenanigans. Bubbles, cones, tomatoes, trees, more cones, post-it’s, airsoft guns, buns, doughnuts, saran wrap, mustard, fireworks, and of course toilet paper. I cannot wait to tell my children the stories…and to encourage them to do all that while still young!
  • Daddy’s girl – I may be 22..1/2. But I am still a daddy’s girl. I even still call him “Daddy”. That’s  just his name…besides Bill or William. In some aspects, I still see him as my hero. I still love dancing with him. I still find myself “bragging” about him…and how awesome a career he has. Or how smart he is. Or how he was a good athlete. A good artist. A GREAT story-teller. And now that i am older, i am thankful he is still a good provider.
  • Fish sticks & Mac and Cheese – Such a childish meal, but two things that go SOOO well together!!
  • Dirty/Filthy – I love getting dirty. I don’t mind getting dirt on my hands (under my fingernails is a different story). Working with coffee or paint almost ALWAYS means a dirty apron or gunk all over me. Sometimes being clean is boring, it’s fun to get dirty.

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