Of a child-like faith

19 Sep

What do you picture when you read the title?

For me, a specific little blonde girl pops in my mind. The little curly-haired blonde girl who stole my heart — and many others, way back when i first began walking with Christ. The little girl who is the epitome of a true child. Who calls Jaden — “Rayden” and “trucks” are “frucks”. Not knowing how close of a word “fruck” was to a VERY inappropriate word.

The little girl who would pick flowers in the church field with me during Wednesday night church in the Summer months.

She was the curious little girl who decided to plunge the toilet for no reason at all.

She asked millions of questions.

She was the lovely little girl who saw her friend, Maryanne, in the audience at Heather’s wedding…and instead of keeping quiet, she yelled “Maryanne!!” while Pastor Kelly was talking.

She had the imagination of endless possibilities.

She wasn’t afraid to pretend. She wasn’t afraid to be silly and goofy. She was crude, as it wasn’t unusual for her to call you a “stinky-booty-butt”. She was quirky. She was a child.

She was a child whose parents let her BE a child. And what AMAZING parents that girl has. (For my own sake, too…the Lord used them GREATLY in my life!)

I have a confession to make…she was the one who told me what the Trinity was. At 17, I  was schooled by a 3 year-old.

When i think of a child-like faith, i think of Hannah.

I think of how unashamed she was of being a child…as we are all children of Him. It’s okay to be ignorant, we don’t need to know everything. It’s okay to be goofy, it is PURE delight to Him. It’s okay to have a vivid imagination…and to never put a limit on the possibilities of the Lord. It’s okay to be naive and not have a horrible mental picture of innocent words. It’s all okay. Because even when we are 90 and wrinkled, we are still a child. And when i’m old and wrinkled, i hope to be goofy. Although mature at the same time. 🙂

One of my favorite worship songs is “Unashamed Love”…it became an even more favorite when singing it on a Sunday long ago, Hannah waved to my sisters and i right as we sung “Of a child-like faith”. When we sing that song at church, I can’t help but think of her simple faith and love for He who created her.


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