My turn :)

7 Sep

My brother, Jaden, has too many tattoos to count.

My older sister has (technically) 3.

My little sister even has one!

And though i’ve posted possible future tattoos….i have officially decided what i want.

Which is “maranatha”…meaning “O, Lord Come”

My THIRD favorite Bible verse is found at the very end of Revelation. “Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!” I usually write it on the back of my jeep when it gets really dirty.

Last night i went to CC Everett and the speaker spoke of this word..i’ve heard of the worship band, Maranatha!, but never knew the meaning. And once i heard it, i wrote it on my hand, in my Bible, and in my journal. I love this word, all too often there is a DEEP yearning for Him to come. I really just want Him to come, i really just want to be with Him. My life is His to take…yes, there are plenty things i want to happen in my life. But i can’t stop Him from by all means, Come, Lord Jesus!!!


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