Woah, September…

2 Sep

August flew by in a rush, and boy am i glad. Now if we can just fast forward through September, all will be good…right?

Actually, yesterday was a day I wish would have slowed down. Well, more like the time of 7:30 pm to 9 pm. In recent memory there have been two moments in which i mentally told myself to take in the moment, for it wouldn’t last forever. Last night was one of those times…yet, I still feel all dizzy-minded and cloudy thinking about everything.

My obsession with Lifehouse began in late-Winter, early-Spring of 2009. There had been battles I found myself fighting for the previous two years, that I knew had to come to an end. The Lord made that so very obvious. Now, i am only touching briefly on the subject i talk too much about, but when I fall for a guy…i fall hard. Once you win my heart, it’s hard for me to win it back…and that was the battle I was fighting for those two years. Usually (and very unhealthily) I would supplement moving on from one guy…with, well, another guy. Not a good idea…TRUST me. There were no other guys at that point with whom i liked. I was really frustrated…it didn’t feel like the Lord was doing ANYTHING in my life. I felt like I was in the middle of times square, frozen…while everyone around me was moving, walking, living. As miserable as it was, it was a place I needed to be in. And it eventually ended and I was blessed immensely (i found particular comfort today reading this note of mine.)

Then…somehow I stumbled on a website called lifehouse-media.com (no longer running, sadly..) This site had HUNDREDS of free Lifehouse songs. B-sides, Blyss stuff, live performances, videos, and my favorite — acoustic sets. You got 40 downloads a month, and within three months I ended up with 112 songs and the whole PBS soundstage videos. That’s a good portion of my 4 gb iPod. I don’t quite know or remember when i hit the “obsessed” point…but it came fast and last for a good 6 months. my note dedicated to Lifehouse.

Many of my friends may think my obsession is because Jason Wade is rather attractive, and yes…he is easy on the eyes. But in all honesty, it has nothing to do with that. Jason Wade simply has a way of writing that just…speaks the words my heart speaks that my mouth can’t. I hope that makes sense… He has a good way of expressing his emotions in songs. And how he also plays with that emotion is just amazing. And being a mainstream band that’s “organic” and still sounds amazing if not better live…is just rare these days. And then…there’s the fact they don’t take themselves too seriously and are quirky guys. Ricky, the drummer, where’s gloves whilst drumming because he’s a germaphobe. They’re personable guys and i respect that greatly.

After 1 1/2 years of the obsession, I finally saw my favorite band live last night. And i can honestly say that I was probably the biggest fan there. (i know…duh, right?) But seriously, I stuck out like a sore thumb by throwing up my fist and standing while surrounded by first-time concert go-er’s and soccer moms…slightly boring crowd, sadly 😦 Granted, the venue was grand stands and there was NO mosh pit area. Never before in my life have i wanted to be the crazy fan moshing and throwing up my rock fist so badly…i still did it for a few of the songs, i just couldn’t help myself! I realized that I have been spoiled by experiencing at least 95% of the concerts i’ve attended at THE BEST venue (the gorge) and am used to getting up close and personal with the artists. My dream now, would be for Lifehouse to throw on a concert at the gorge. Oh, golly…how awesome that would be!!!

It was still amazing, and I hope Jason Wade saw my thankfulness for their music by the ever-present smile spread wide on my face, and my constant moving and singing-along.

At least five times I had to stop and savor the moment. Jason Wade was only thirty feet from me. He did a few acoustic songs, four or five new songs, and many of their older songs (which i was EXTREMELY happy about, looking at their set-list for the Daughtry tour, they did not do as many of their older songs as i got to see! Amazing!) I’ve watched SO many of their live performances on youtube that often times I knew what song they’d be performing before the rest of the crowd. Which made me stick out even more when i would throw my hands up and yell a good ten seconds before the rest of the crowd.

I also had to constantly remind myself that if i was like the soccer moms and sat down the entire time, i would regret not being crazy and enjoying the show to the fullest capacity possible. Which i did. And even still, i feel slightly woozy and cloudy. I saw my favorite band in concert. I saw Lifehouse in concert. I saw Jason Wade in concert. I heard Jason Wade’s voice live. Jason Wade could have looked straight at me. Oh, my…

As Abigail said when I got home last night, it was like I went on a first date 🙂 ha.

So maybe if i keep going to Lifehouse concerts I would never need to get married 😉


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