Good cup of inspiration

31 Aug

“God has a wonderful plan ahead for your life. Stay close to Him, read His word, and walk with Him and He will pour out the blessings of Heaven on you. Remember always how much He loves you.” – Pastor Dave Woodward

“Walking down this road, I’ve learned to let go of what I know cause everything can change again. I’m on the edge of all that can be, but what I can’t control can’t control my dreams.” – Jason Wade, “Along the Way”

“I actually just wanted to tell you, don’t worry. I know this week has been hard and challenging our faith, but God is pulling through. Keep in tune with the Lord and He will lead you and comfort you. I have found him to be working on my heart a lot, through this trial we will be made stronger so we can endure more.” – Anonymous

“It’s all fleeting. “It is meaningless”. We cannot take what we have created earned or stole into eternity. “This too is meaningless”. Store your treasures in Heaven, build up the things you cannot yet see or taste or touch or…feel. Faith has promised you will be rewarded. Remember who you are is who you are meant to be. Remember you were chosen to be rescued. Before the day you were conceived…it had a date, a time, a higher purpose already determined, and it was blessed. Remember love, it is the only thing greater than money..Remember that no matter how great love is here, how beautiful a sunrise, or pleasant a yellow breeze, Heaven is infinitely more breathtaking. This is meaningful. Amen.” – Hethir

“I know that I’ll never be alone, You will never let me go. You are my anchor, hold my hand, while I’m sinking in the sand. No one else could understand, You are my anchor.” – Jason Wade, “Anchor”

“I have had pockets of hope that have been followed too closely by experiences of doubt. I have struggled to read my Bible, cringed at the thought of prayer, and felt a tangible distance between God and I that I have never before known…now a year after the initial blow, a year filled with shrapnel continuing to teeter and then fall into the pile of rubbish inside, I can say something I know now really is true. God really is good.” – Kate McDonald


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