(this blog is super random…not sure it has a point!)

21 Aug

I grew up in a cul-de-saq called nixon circle in Oceanside, California.


I don’t remember a lot. But I do remember the following:  eating the last nectarine that came to fruition,  the TALL palm trees at Guajome park that scared the crapola out of me as my parents pushed my swing, the mean red headed boys a few houses down, LONG HUGE earthworms in the storm drains, my preschool boyfriend Christopher (and the blonde girl who wanted to be my best friend), the playhouse my brother built for a Christmas present, and the bug-man next door who gave me a white stuffed polar bear dressed as a wizard…well, okay i guess i remember quite a bit. But one of my fondest memories were my friends. My best friend was Lizzie from across the street…there was also the bratty only child next door, Stephanie who i still hung out with…and the girls in the far right corner across the way from us who were really snobbish and played the flute and cracked their heads open. I also remember the day i turned 5. That was a big day, not only because we moved up to Washington the day after (grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..) but also because my neighbors told me i was no longer a toddler, but a kid. And i felt cool.

Fast forward, say…5 years. Age 10. My neighborhood was amazing. Next door i had Kandace (7) and Brittany (11). Across the street was Mark (6). Next door to mark  we had Cacia (5), Chloe (7), and Cameron (11). Add in Amy (11) and Jenny (12)…and then my sisters Sarah (8) and Heather (12). We had it made. Not only did we live on the river, but we also had a community pool and many places to explore. But what made it even better was our grown up friend, Jerie. She was an amazingly sweet and gracious women in her mid-30’s who let us kids spend hours dressing up in her costumes. She had alopecia, which meant a lot of wigs to play with! My life was definitely changed by her, we all gave her a surprise party the Summer i was 10. It was awesome!

But slowly…people began to move. Kandace and Brittany moved to the top of the hill..and then further in Granite. Amy and Jenny moved back to Texas. Marks family moved…and then the Stevens left (which was definitely the saddest).

And then i moved out…

and now that i am getting “older”…i am beginning to realize that i really love having a young heart and value the little girl who still lives inside of me. When I go places where other folks my age feel the need to act beyond their years, it makes me all the more eager to have a young and spry heart. I would take a Shirley Temple ANY DAY over an alcoholic drink. I’d rather eat with my fingers than eat a piece of pizza with a fork. I’d rather be fresh faced than cake on the makeup. I’d rather dress comfortably than wear high heels and revealing clothing. I love having a father who is still as much of a hero to me now as he was when i was 5…and who i can STILL count on to provide for me when i can’t. I would rather have a home cooked meal by my mama than a meal from a 5 star restaurant..and i’d take on of her sandwiches ANY DAY over Subway. And her toast over any diner. And her poached eggs, too.

My first (real) boyfriend told me i was childish. And for THE longest time i despised that term. But the more I understand my Father in Heaven’s love and relationship to myself, the more I value my childishness. Now what i despise being called is immature (seriously…if you want on my bad side, call me immature). I am SO thankful the Lord has blessed me with a childlike faith. It is naive, yes…but it makes a lot more sense than wastefully digging around in vain for THE ultimate “truth” when we have the Truth right in front of us if we just stop looking so gosh darn hard. Knowing why we believe in what we believe is good (i am not against studying other religions and theology)…but when a persons faith is SOLELY supported by a constant study of theology and other religions, the goods of the Truth are often left behind. I hope all that made sense…(i’d re-word it, but my brain is slowing down..)

I guess what i am getting at is that our relationships with God does NOT have to be complicated. A simple love for the Lord is a valuable characteristic to me. When my peers get too caught up in theology…it brings me down and makes me feel not good enough for my simple love of the Lord. It is an INSTANT turn off for me when a guy is one of those too smart for everyone theology buffs. They start talking and i start walking…or running. So i guess this blog does have a point…simplify your love for Him!

“My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” Matthew 11:30.


One Response to “(this blog is super random…not sure it has a point!)”

  1. Heidi 2010 August 22 at 11:02 am #

    And maybe you realize although some things may change some things remain the same……..gosh I do miss those days. Kattie, you really do have a way with speaking from your heart and I love reading your blog. thank you for sharing!

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