just a thought…

6 Aug

Maybe it is because I spent my first 5 years of life where the sun always shines…

Or how my parents embraced the rare sunny and hot days of Summer here in Washington with the windows open and curtains swaying from the pleasant breeze…

Or better yet, maybe the Lord created me to never have enough sunshine and heat…

If i had a choice, I would LOVE it to be sunny and 80 degrees 355 days of the year. The remaining 10 days better include snow…and lots of it.

I never understood why my mom was so adamant to have my bedroom window open on the nice days…until I moved out.

I never realized why my dad would lay out in the sun in his mickey mouse tank top the moment he got home from work…Until I started working a 9-5 and found myself lacking the much needed sun on my skin.

When it is sunny and hot, I don’t have to force myself to cook dinner.

When i wake up to blue skies and the birds chirping…it’s not as hard to wake up.

When i have a day off and skies are clear…you will more than likely find me somewhere outside soaking up the sun.

I suppose i will use this blog to share something i’ve come to realize lately…

the older i get, the more i realize i am like my dad.


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