ALL i need is YOU, Lord!

28 Jul

When my Grandma Donna had her memorial at a small building in Everett, my brother (who did A LOT of research on her!) informed me that my grandparents had been friends with the same crowd for over FIFTY  years! Pretty much every Saturday night they would get together and play dominoes and other games. It got me thinking about my own life…and how blessed i am by my own friends.

Four years ago i didn’t have many close friends. I had my neighbors of over a decade, my best friend of 7 years, and my sisters. But what was lacking was a close group of friends of my own. A group i felt loved by and knew that i would always be supported by. I prayed for such a group after my best friend at the time went away to Germany as an exchange student. And slowly but surely the Lord provided. At first…it was ALL boys. Seriously…

But then through a dating mishap (how hard it is to differentiate between the Lord’s guidance and your own  wants sometimes…thank the Lord for His Spirit in us!). Through this dating mishap, i became friends with Justine. Who then began inviting me to different get togethers. And one night at the Applebee’s in Marysville I met a girl who i wanted to be friends with but never officially met, Kaelee. And for the next two years we were “partners in crime”. We camped out in my jeep at a spot we called our own and participated with the boys in random shenanigans. We had a blast and i am SO thankful to have met a heart more wild then me.

Eventually the group of friends i considered “close” grew like CRAZY. And here i am now at the tender age of 22 with more friends than i could EVER imagine! I am blessed.

Stacey and i were talking the other day at the Stilly campout of how blessed i am by these people who the Lord provided. How lucky i am to have such great people who stand by me through thick and thin? How blessed i am to have them at such a young age (though i wish i would have known them in high school…but the Lord knows!). And it made me think of my grandparents…and how i truly hope my group of friends remain close till we are taken by the Lord.

The Lord has given me crazy CRAZY memories with my friends. Stuffing 5 people in my jeep at the Mt. Pilchuck parking lot, while waiting for a lost friend to be rescued last night made me once again remember that i am blessed. Despite the worry that filled out hearts…we laughed A LOT. We had absolutely wonderful fellowship. We also met an awesome sheriff named Peter who we found out was a Christian! And yeah, it was fun. And it made me realize that i am lucky to have these folks in my life, i may take advantage of the blessing, but i really am blessed by them. So thank you guys for the blessings you have given me, you make life joyful! 🙂


2 Responses to “ALL i need is YOU, Lord!”

  1. womanchild88 2010 July 28 at 11:45 am #

    please excuse the grammar, i am running on 20 minutes of sleep! EEEK!

  2. Christine Bates 2010 July 28 at 12:24 pm #

    Kattie, I read your post and I love that you have found your group of friends. When Nick was a baby I became a Christian and came to Calvary (1987), there I met people who are my good friends today and then, while homeschooling, I met the Falk’s, Hamblen’s, Overby’s, Hatfield’s and others whom, for 20 years now, I have been in fellowship as believer’s and have raised our kids with. I, was like you before this. I didn’t have a “group” of people who felt like family, loved each other through mountains and valleys and are still right there for me, no matter the trial. You have found a great treasure but the best part is that you knew what you needed! Isn’t God good to us?~ Chris

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