21 Jun
I know that living in America it is quite a cliche’ to want the “american dream”, but to be perfectly honest…i want it!
Now, i know perfectly well that whoever i marry won’t be perfect — and i can live with that as long as they are equally yolked and a good man of God. I know what y’all married folk are probably thinking….”she won’t know until she’s married how hard it is to love an imperfect being”…and i don’t, but I think i have a fairly well grounded perspective. 🙂
Anyway…I want the American dream. I want a house, a two-story house, that is preferably a cookie cutter house. Though I love old houses, as i am currently house/dog/cat sitting in a house built in 1902! BUT from my experience, the older the house, the more places there are for spiders and mold and other gross rotten things to hide. I want a newer house. And I want a white picket fence.
I want a doggy and i think i wanna name him “kokanee”, not after the beer but the creek in marysville (i’ve liked the name since middle school–before i knew it was a beer!). He could be a golden retriever, a german shepard, or…a direct replica of my most favorite dog, Posi! A clone perhaps? hahaha jk…
I want a loooooooong driveway…a flat curvy driveway. I want said driveway to be lined with cherry trees. In the Summer i will enjoy the cherries and beautiful green sunny leaves in the breeze. In the spring my driveway would be lined with a cornacopia of pink petals. In the fall there would be a beautiful decoration of green, yellow, orange, red, and brown leaves. And alas, in the winter my dear husband would line them with white Christmas lights! A beautiful display all year long! I also want a peach tree that actually grows peaches….and water hole.
I would LOVE to live on a lake…definitely not a stinkin’ river though!!!!
I also would love a front porch that i can put a couple rocking chairs and a chair swing on. A porch that i can drink lemonade and tea and coffee as i watch the sunset and rise…or just look at the beautiful stars! A back porch would be awesome, too! So my family can have bbq’s and bunches of people over!
I want at least two kids (i hope to stop there) but want one of each…i also have my names picked out (for a boy mainly…) But won’t share them with you 😛
I want my kitchen to look out onto my backyard, so while i am doing the dishes after dinner…i can watch my children and husband run a muck as the sun sets.
I want to be a soccer mom (but a cool one who doesn’t wear mom jeans, have soccer mom hair, or drive a van..i will have a jeep still!)
I want my husband to be a, baseball, basketball, football…whatever…just athletically minded would be nice…
I don’t want to be rich..but preferably not dirt poor. I just gotta trust God knows…and will provide us with what we need.
I think it would be fun to have annual camping trips…and what not…
And of course i need my family to always make sure that Jesus is their number one priority. I would love to be the house neighborhood children can call their second home. To have slumber parties as often as possible.. To go on family walks/bike rides after dinner. To have neighborhood kickball games in my backyard.
I would love to be a mom who does creative stuff with her children. I don’t want to ever push my children into something they don’t want to do…i would love to support what they CHOOSE to do. I want them to know they are perfect and loveable the way they are.
now…i am a dreamer. I think about these things even though i am a single girl still going to school. Every relationship I’ve been in as ended. And i often spend more money than my bank account holds. I also am still dependent on my parents. I also tend to make many mistakes by not thinking the outcomes clearly enough and more often than not — am late to important things!
Each dream you read above has been inspired by a family, event, or story that has come into my life. I know i need to be content with where i am right now, but i’m a dreamer…and by handing those dreams to God i can find contentment in each day no matter how far away i am to achieving those dreams. I have a purpose and even if my dreams don’t’ match His will, I know that He has given me the gift of joy. Of finding joy in the midst of happiness and trial. Nothing I do can change His will for me.

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire comes it is the tree of life.” Proverbs 13:12


2 Responses to “Someday…”

  1. Heidi 2010 June 22 at 10:02 pm #

    Kattie, I LOVE this is makes me teary eyed in a good way, my kids have grown so fast and you have too. Boy, I miss the days of my little ones filling the backyard with their friends and kickball and painting that play house…..we could go on and on….. thanks kattie. Girl your American dream is going on right NOW and will only continue to grow. One day you will look back as I am now and be amazed at all that life has offered. Everyday is a blessing.

  2. womanchild88 2010 June 23 at 12:45 pm #

    thanks Heidi! Some of my most favorite childhood memories have your family in them! They shall NEVER be forgotten!!! ❤

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