Jericho Fury

15 Jun

I remember the day Heather first told me she thought she was pregnant…and later on getting the confirmation while at work on my ten. I remember telling Justine that we’d both be aunties together..and coming up with fun things to do with our nephews. I remember going to Heather’s first appointment where we got to hear his heartbeat. I remember the day I found out he was going to be a he. I remember singing to Heather’s baby, “I saw the sign” and the oscar mayer weiner song. I remember going to all her baby showers. I remember learning about births…watching movies and going to some Bradley classes with Heather. I remember being scared out of my mind that something would happen to Heather and she’d lose him (i never told her this..). I remember Sarah and I making Heather laugh so hard she’d have to pee…and once she got out doing it over again. That bladder was neverending. I remember watching her belly move and continue to grow. I remember buying his first onesie. I remember waiting on the edge of my seat for his arrival. I remember asking Heather if she was in labor every time she called as the days got closer.

I remember the day she went into labor. I remember opening on the Monday after and turning down the offer to have breakfast at Buzz Inn so I could take a nap. I remember searching for Lifehouse songs when she told me she was heading to the birth center, and ten minutes later getting the frantic call from Jaden to get there as soon as possible because she was ready to push. I remember the song I was listening to when I was packing to stay with them that night. I remember calling Sarah in a panic, meeting in the Gottchalks parking lot. I remember weaving in and out of traffic like the true Californians we are đŸ˜‰

I remember coming into the birth center…entering the quiet and dimly lit room. I remember thinking of how calm and at ease Heather was…knowing she was in pain, but being super strong and controlled. I remember when I first saw his head and while video taping, Sarah and I whispering, “she’s turtling!” (as us three agreed would happen!). I remember the worship music and fans in the background. I remember as he came in a fury and before I knew it, saw him face to face.I remember Jericho taking a poo on Jaden right away. I remember his precious cry. I remember his beautiful (handsome) face!

I remember looking at the most precious baby boy i’ve ever seen!

I cannot believe that day was a year ago…that that tiny human could be the hugest joy and blessing in my life! Happy Birthday, Jericho!!!!!!!!! I love you!!!


2 Responses to “Jericho Fury”

  1. Jessica 2010 June 18 at 9:14 am #

    I’m one of Hethir’s mom friends from WTE and after reading your blog (which is so incredibly sweet! You 3 seem to have a bond like no other!) I totally understand the whole pirate birthday party theme! I had no idea that the Pirate in Training (too stinkin cute by the way!) onsie was his very first onsie! What a fun way to tie things in as they come full circle! I think you should put up a picture of him in his pirate outfit at his birthday so everyone can see how he went from being a teeny tiny pirate in training, to a big one year old Pirate!

  2. "GeeGeeMa" Renae 2010 June 18 at 12:29 pm #

    Kattie, that is sooo beautiful!! Jericho is so lucky to have such a loving family!!

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